How to Start my own Blog

To start my own blog

Launching a blog The contribution may contain affilateinks. Get up and running in 10 mins or less with this step-by-step guide to starting a blog! We' ll show you how to select a blogsite, get a domainname, setup webhosting, select a blog topic and everything else you need to get going!

We are Alex and Lauren - two pros who came from bankrupt and disappointed to $103,457 in blogs. 98 our first year as blogs! Now we make over $100,000 a month in blogs and help hundreds of millions of people every single months start a blog they loved - the first move to become a full-time blogs.

We' ve written this free tutorial to help you understand how to start a blog without programming knowledge or how to afford an inexpensive web designer to create a website to do it for you (because who has an additional $2,000?). Update: Bluehost has given us a discounted rate for our readership!

Now you can start your blog for only $2.75/month! Okay, so this contribution goes to EPIC. This will be a step-by-step tutorial to create the blog of your dream and actually make it! And if you haven't done it yet, click here to start a blog with Bluehost.

So the first stage in the blog starting procedure is to determine why you are doing this. Less than a year later, we relaunched our first blog,, and turned it into a cash game. So you can see our blog revenue stories, and they'll show you that our little healthcare and gym blog averages around $20,000 a month.

It is what this blog has done for our lives that is most important. We' re sharing our history with you because your "why" is so important when you start a blog. Only ENDLOS is the full power that you have with your new blogshop, and with it, you can: A lot of celebrity writers began to blog to create an audiences and then published their book all over the globe.

Except for the letter for your blog for therapeutical support is not unusual. That'?s why we got into it. Today, we want to show you how to start a blog and get you on the way to creating your own lifestyle! There' s been a great deal of hype lately about whether to use website builder like Wix or Squarespace vs. with WordPress, and it's really not even meant for a discussion about why every blogsetter should start with WordPress.

Yes! 30% of all sites you've ever viewed were created with WordPress. Like your grandfather, WordPress was there and did it. Ten thousand different designs, plug-ins and plug-ins are available. Squarespace and Wix have very few design and plugin choices, as they are more website oriented - not blog oriented.

When your blog has become widespread one of these days and you have been on a site like Wix or Squarespace, God help your souls. The WordPress is really simple to use and comes with a one-click Bluehost installation! It is for these sake and more that WordPress is the best blogging plattform out there right now.

Right now, with a great blogsite, you'll also need a great hosting. With regard to the web, the blogsite, WordPress, is what you use to construct your home, while the hosting is the country on which you place your home. And if WordPress is the groundnut butters, then the perfectly home-made gelatine is bluehost.

Is there a reason to use Bluehost as a webserver? They can start a blog with Bluehost for only $2. 75/month when you log in (this low cost is only via our link!). The Bluehost is unbelievable simple to use even for newcomers. Launching a blog can be a little bit disconcerting when you start to talk about domains name, web site plans, etc.

Finally, Bluehost also provides a full warranty on their hostings. Can I start a free blog? You' re restricted in the way you monetise your blog (no advertising, people!). Speaking for myself, I know NULL successfully businessmen who use them. To learn a little more about the difference and why free blogging is a bug if you want to take your blog business seriously, read our articles about vs. (free vs. self-hosted blogs).

Due to these flagrant mistakes, we will concentrate in this post on selfhosting (think Bluehost), because that is the only way to start a successfull blog (compared to a amateur blog). What is a step-by-step procedure without an intrinsic demo? To start the trial, click here or on the picture below with our glowing faces, and then click the step-by-step guide below to complete the setup.

First you go to, if you haven't already. Once you've clicked the Start on Home page icon, you'll see a listing of prize choices. Please be aware that the minimum is $2.75 per monthly if you register for the longer 36 monthly subscription period (paid in advance).

The Bluehost provides a warranty and you can terminate your subscription at any point during the first 30 business days and receive a full reimbursement. Subscribing to a longer schedule is a committment you have made to your blog and yourself. When you have problems finding a blog name, just keep in mind not to make it too complicated.

Our other blog, for example, is Avocadu. Below are some proposals to make the procedure a little easier: You still have problems, you can read our article about How to Get a Great Blog Name. Okay, let's start with WordPress! Bloehost has made it easy than ever to get WordPress to work.

You have actually done a few elimination stages in this whole procedure, so you will be able to do it in no short amount of space of time. Once you have set up your WordPress page with your correct passwords, you should be prompted to choose a topic for your WordPress page. To get going, you can choose one of these free topics. First of all we want to take you to the home page where you can start playing around and adjusting things.

Once you have selected a topic, your monitor should look like this: Choose the "Business" button to go to the next window (it doesn't really make any difference if you haven't actually launched a real deal - this is the first stage in the process!). At this stage, you can start writing your first article and start looking through the WordPress features, but we suggest you start with a good topic first.

We' re gonna have to start this off with a little caution. If you are learning of a new piece of code or document, the point can be discouraging and disorienting. It will take a few short months to get used to WordPress and play around with it. WorldPress is the most powerfull web blogsource and gives those who have no programming skills the opportunity to build nice web sites.

Comit to learn the peculiarities of WordPress and it will very well serve you in the near term. Available topics are a great place to start if you are a novice blogger, of course, but they don't have some of the utilities a paid topic offers you. When you have the additional $50 - $100 to put in, then go for a topic payed.

Skirt a free topic for a months or so and get used to the site. Use one of the free topics that WordPress has pre-installed under the Appearance and Topics tab. Simply click Personalize to change the topics. There' also a lot of free topics. When there are free topics, why would I ever want to have a chargeable topic?

Payed topics are usually much more efficient and adaptable than free topics. However, it is completely ok to play with some free topics first. This will get your foot soaked and help you understand WordPress better. A lot of blogs suggest that you start your blog with the Genesis Framework (the most powerfull and fast WordPress theme).

Those folks are looking to get paid, and anyone who claims even the remotest that it's a good base subject for novices is outside his fucking head. Do not use this topic unless you are technically proficient and willing to struggle through some headache. Vivi themes are amazingly customisable and very user-friendly.

It is our number 1 referral and what most of our new Blogger use in our Launch Your Blog Course. If you buy Divi, you also get full entry to the elegant topics section, which contains over 70 other topics to pick from if you don't love Divi. It' quickly becoming the new No. 1 topic on the entry-level blogger blogging world!

The Avada theming is what we used on our blog during the first few month. When we used it, it had fewer adjustments than today, and so we finally switched to another topic. Although it's a little less expensive than Divi Itme, it's just a little less beginner-friendly than Divi.

However, it is still a GREAT topic and is our recommended No. 2 in our Launch Your Blog course. Start working to choose the right topic for you, but don't analyse it too much! When you have been spending more than 2-3 lessons choosing a topic, simply select one and roll it out for a while.

Start your new blog! The majority of folks (including us when we started) make this easy error when they start to create contents for their new blog: Well, a blog that's a success isn't about you. Yet another all too frequent error we see new Blogger make is trying to start and maintain 5 different types of online community profile.

While you can use any kind of socially acceptable medium you like or like, remember the following when choosing which platform(s) to use: Just how much you really like the deck (you'll spend some your own amount of your life on it, so don't choose a deck you don't like). We would like to introduce our Launch Your Blog Course!

Guaranteed how to set up and start your blogs successfully with WordPress in 1 month or less, without programming or Tech Wizard! And we know it can be awesome and bewildering at first. While the next parts of operating a successfull blog are sorely apparent, many folks still miss them:

That' why part 2 of the How to Start a Blog Series is about getting huge amounts of popularity to your blog. Hopefully you liked this blog posting and we would be pleased to reply to all your queries in the comments section below! P.S. Here are some extra ressources to help you get started:

What does it really take to start a blog?

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