How to Transform Android to Ios

Turn Android into Ios

It' the ultimate way to turn your Android phone into an iPhone! Download Google Drive to your iOS device first and sign in with your Google Account. Don't forget to turn off iMessage. What do you need to know to convert an app, an iOS app to Android or an Android app to iOS?

Switch from Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Prepared for iOS? transmission? For help transferring from your Android to your new iPhone, iPad or iPod, please go to the Move to iOS application and get it. Open the Move to iOS application on your Android phone and press the Continue button. In order to proceed, press Agreed, and then press Next in the upper right hand corner of the Find Your Code window.

From your iOS unit, touch Continuous on the Move from Android onscreen. When your Android machine displays a warning that you have a poor network access, you can disregard the warning. Type the token on your Android unit. At this point, please be patient until the Data Transfers display appears. From your Android phone, choose the contents you want to stream and touch Next.

Then, even if your Android indicates that the procedure is finished, let both units alone until the charging line that will appear on your iOS unit is finished. It may take a while for the entire download, according to how much you move. Here is what is transferred: Contact, News story, Cameras and video, Web favorites, Email account and Calendar.

Some of your free applications will also be transferred if they're available on both Google Player and the App Store. Once the transmission is complete, you can begin downloading any free matching applications from the App Store. Once the charging strip on your iOS unit is finished, touch Done on your Android unit.

Touch Resume on your iOS unit and complete the screen prompts to complete the set-up for your iOS unit. Ensure that all your contents are transmitted. Would you like to be able to download applications that were on your Android unit? Visit the App Store on your iOS unit to browse and install them.

Switch from iPhone to Android | The ultimate guide

That' s how you decide that the weed on the other side might be more green, and you are ready to make the journey over the Android-Pridge. Once you've thought about moving from an iPhone to an Android and you' re already investing a lot in the Apple eco-system, you'll face some barriers that are by no means impossible to overcome.

We' ll take a look at how you move your friends and other information, move to Google and take care of your songs, pictures and video. Rounding things off, we'll give you a few extra hints to help you get used to Android, break down some general anxieties, and show you how best to take full benefit of the features of your new game.

Take a last look at yourself before you set off on your trip to the promising country of Android. Most of the bags, sleeves, and other items you purchased for your iPhone will not be fully functional with Android phones (but it's a good idea to check them, as many are). You can' t take your iOS app with you, but you'll find that most of them are waiting for your Android counterpart to arrive.

Last, but not least, there's your iPhone itself. So if you don't give it to someone, you might want to read our guidelines on how to get an iPhone sold without being cheated. You will want to transmit your contact information before you resell your old one. In our iPhone Android Contact Transmission Guidelines, you'll find a easy way to transmit your iPhone Android contact using iTunes and Gmail.

Switch on the contact under Preferences >[Your Name] > eCloud on your iPhone. On your computer, sign in to the eCloud website and click Contact. Sign in to Gmail now, touch the top corner of the Gmail window, then touch Contact, or go to Google Contact in your web-browser, click More, and then click Import.

It is also possible to do this with the free My Contact Back Up application. Just plug it into your iPhone, start it, touch Back up, and e-mail the back up to an e-mail address on your Android telephone. You will receive a VCF-files, which you can upload into your Android-Contact-App.

When you want to use the trial as an alibi to dilute the flock and work on your connections, you can consider doing it one at a time. If so, simply open the person you want to port to your iPhone and choose Release person to text or e-mail them.

It' simple if you already have your Google Accounts and Gmail (which you already need for your Android phone) up and running. From Preferences > Accounts and Passwords > Create your iPhone My Computer My Computer My Computer account and either insert your Gmail email address or choose it from the drop-down menu and then turn on calendar sync.

So if you're disposing of your iPhone for an Android but want to keep your iPad, the Gmail application is a great way to keep your diary and your friends in sync. Just keep your iPhone on an Android and your iPad on the road. Even synchronize several Google Cards with your iPad if you need to. Cloud Diary SmoothSync costs less than $3 and allows you to login to your Apple Mac and synchronize the diary directly to your Android telephone.

While Apple is known for its closely interconnected eco-system, when you switch to Android you'll want to use more Google features. Their Google Accounts have evolved into passports for a variety of different types of service, and cross-platform synchronisation has dramatically increased in recent years.

Never mind iCloud and Safari, you can all find the same features and more about Google. While you' re logged in to your Google Account, you can share all your friends, family, books, events and data on any phone. In addition, there is YouTube for viewing and splitting videos, Google Maps for simple browsing and Google Pay for NFC cordless pay.

And then there is " OK, Google " or " Hey Google ", which enables the Google wizard (similar to Siri), not to speak of a variety of great Google applications from Google Translate to Google Trips. A lot of these things are actually also available on the iPhone, but the whole thing is optimised for Android. And the fact that you can have all this as standard choices under one Google Accounts makes it simple and affordable, and you'll be trying to use more and more Google features.

And there are many great choices that you can use instead of - or as - Google offers like Dropbox and Mozilla Firefox. While there are several ways to move your valuable data from your iPhone to your Android, we begin with the most visible and easiest. Connect your iPhone to your Windows computer via your iPhone via a USB port and then import images and video for auto commit or open the file viewing unit (your still s and video are in the Internal Storage/DCIM folder) if you want to make your own choices.

When you have a Mac, the file importer should appear when you connect your iPhone and you can choose your file. As soon as the file is on your Windows computer, connect your Android phone via your computer's built-in flash drive, and you should open a pop-up box where you can choose Open Devices to display it.

Dragging and dropping a file from your computer to your Android is a great way to do this. If you want to do the same on a Mac, read our instructions for transferring data from an Android to a Mac. Transmitting these photographs and video over the air may be simpler, although it takes longer. A lot of features are available for Android and iOS.

Just add something like Google Photo, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropdown Box to your iPhone, load the file, and then add the same application to your Android, and start downloading it. To learn more about using photo sharing applications to back up and Share your pictures, see our Android Photo Sharing guide.

In fact, you could use a number of the applications and utilities they discuss to stream your pictures and video from your iPhone. When you want to move your songs from your iPod to Android, there are a few ways. It' probably best to log in to Google Playmusic on the same computer where your Apple software is located.

You can now downlaod the playlist manager, installing it and selecting the iTunes option when it asks you where to store your music. Best of all, you might still be able to use Apple's iTunes software and synchronize all new online shopping with your Google Song subscription autosync. Cannot copy films or TV shows from your iPod touch to your Android phone because you need to unprotect DRM first.

It' s much more complicated than anything we have talked about before, but some folks will want to keep these valuable text calls and apply them to their new Android phones. The Samsung Gravel can also be used to recover an iPhone back-up (including text messages) on a Samsung Android phone.

You will also find some premier quality softwares available on-line that will allow you to copy text messaging, contact information, pictures and even call history, but we cannot guarantee their effective. Most Android vendors have a kind of file sharing application that you can try and use. If you leave it turned on, SMS and MMS can remain on your old iPhone.

When you no longer own the iPhone, you can ask Apple to log off your iPhone with iMessage here.

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