How to turn your Android into a Iphone

To turn your Android into an Iphone

An easy guide on how to turn your Android phone into an iPhone without rooting it or making software changes. This apps can turn an Android phone into an iOS-like device. Experience the same user interface as on an iPhone on your cheap Android phone!

Converting an Android phone into an iPhone

An easy way to turn your Android into an iPhone without root it or making changes to it. A lot of you have asked me (mostly in personal messages) for hints on how to turn an Android mobile into an iPhone. I' ve done some research and am at last willing to write this easy step-by-step manual where you can find out how Android looks and behaves like iOS without having to browse your mobile without losing your guarantee.

Most of the time this Tutorial is intended for beginners and advanced Android user, who want to make their Android mobile look like an iPhone, but don't want to change to an iPhone. Luckily, with Android, an open code OS, you can make many changes and adaptations to all your needs, almost without coding or bug fixing skills on your part.

Almost anything you want can be changed or customized, either through your device's preferences or by using an application that you can download from Google Play or another location (since you're not restricted to a single Android store). It is one of these easily implementable customizations to make your Android mobile look like an iPhone with several basic applications (i.e. make the home page and its symbols look like an iPhone).

Your Android telephone with Google Player (you need to create a Google account in order for Google Player to work). Strong Wi-Fi connections in your cell phones (you can use either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi). As soon as you have your telephone up and running and plugged it into the network, you can begin the following work.

Although this point has nothing to do with turning your Android into an iPhone, this is something you should do first. We' re going to be installing several different applications in this Tutorial (including launchers that use many of your phone's ressources and can slower it down), so it's important to get your telephone ready first.

Search the applications you have on your mobile and choose which you don't use. My suggestion is to deinstall these applications using Easy Uninstaller. When there are some built-in applications that you don't need, I suggest you deactivate them. Watch this tutorial to find out how to deactivate applications on Android.

As soon as your mobile is a little optimised, you can continue with the installation of applications that make it look like an iPhone. I' ve seen several Tutorials on how to make an Android mobile look like an iPhone, and many of them suggest obsolete or non-existent applications. I' ve reviewed what's up in Google Player now and this application seems to be the best iPhone launchers available now.

I' ve never used an iPhone for more than several lessons, so I can't really say how different this launch is from what a real iPhone looks like, but to me the symbols and all that other shit look like on an iPhone. CM themes for iPhone 7 download and installation.

If you open the launch for the first times, you will be asked to download CM Launcher 3-D - Style Boost. Ensure that this launch is selected as the standard launch application, or you must select it every toggle between them. In order to verify standard application in Android 6.0, go to Preferences > Application > Standard Application and make sure that CM Launcher is selected under Home.

For me personal I like this launch application a lot because it provides a lot of different adjustments and adjustments like 3-D transitions, 3-D widgets, additional safety and feature sets. Unfortunately the number of really good iPhone launches in Google Play for my mobile device (with Android 6.0) is very small. That' OK, but I'd rather use it to make my boyfriend believe that we actually have iPOS on our mobile instead of using it as the default startup program (there are many great alternate startup programs).

You will find your instructions below: Dowload iPhone Launcher Fake from Google Play and get it installed. In this way, this application changes the appearance of your home page and your application mesh. You can select the modification effect, the wallpaper or the lock dialog in the preferences of the application. These two launcher changes the appearance of your home page and your application raster.

A further distinctive element of an iPhone is its locking display (with slide-to-on unlock). You can have such a locking display with this application and even customize many of its features such as locking sounds, vibrations, or passwords. Make your Android mobile look like an iPhone is one thing. The Best iPhone 6 Ring Tones application gives you the best ring tones on the latest iPhone.

You can use this application to quickly search through all ring tones and select whether you want to adjust or remove one. Like you probably already noted, there are many applications that claim to turn your Android into an iPhone. A lot of these applications are outdated and haven't been refreshed for years.

I have learnt, for example, that Espier Launcher is one of the best applications for turning Android into your own application named SOS. Looking for the application in Google Play, I couldn't find it. My own point of view, however, is that if you like the look of an iPhone more than Android phones, you should just buy an iPhone.

Most of these "iPhone" applications are packed with obtrusive displays or referrals from other applications that will just confuse you and decelerate your telephone. Once I had installed all the above mentioned applications on my mobile device (for the purpose of this tutorial, since I'm not a big Apple fan), I was just loading up with exciting applications, displays and alerts.

I' m going to deinstall all these applications immediately because I always want Android on my mobile to be as neat and quick as possible.

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