How to turn your Samsung into an Iphone

To turn your Samsung into an Iphone

Turn off the mobile phone connection on your Android device. This is how you change from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone

Samsung' latest, the Galaxy S9, is a pretty repetitive upgrade from its previous version, and if you as a Galaxy fan aren't thrilled and nervous about getting the best, your eye can wander. When you are considering moving from your Samsung Galaxy mobile to the iPhone, here are a few things to keep in mind as you think about it.

As soon as you decide to go for the iPhone, you may be asking yourself exactly which iPhone you should go for. iPhone X is the best of the best, while iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are doing pretty well in this era, now with cordless chargers and great cams.

Want to get upgraded to iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Which colour iPhone X should you get? How much memory should iPhone X have? Do you need AppleCare+ or iPhone insure? As soon as you know what you're getting, you can go to Apple or your nearest Big-Box or Carrier Retail to place your order. iPhone works great with all Google features right out of the box. iPhone works great with all Google features.

System layer login to your Google Accounts and get almost all of Google's key applications directly from the App Store. And if you are still considering your choices, take a look at our iPhone forum or ask in the comment below.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to become an iPhone clone " Samsung Galaxy S3

So you have at last switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Now you are overcome by the unusual look and feeling of the Android-OS. Moving from Apple to Android can be a difficult move, but you'll get used to it at some point - and even like it. In order to make the whole thing easier, you can turn your new Android phone into an iPhone phone icon for a while by just download a few Google Play applications.

So whether you're a current Apple-to-Android switch er or a strange antidote to hipsters who wants to stop the established, the following five applications will help you get that look of your iPhone on your new Samsung Galaxy S3 (or another Android smartphone). While there are a few iPhone spring-board plug-ins for Android, none of them follow Espier Launcher's all-embracing paradigm.

Converts the traditional Android surface into an accurate reproduction of the well-known iOS-board. There is also hold-to-delete functionality, double-tapping to display open applications, and the option to re-name and move applications to different home monitors. The Espier Screen Locker is a free application that is still in alpha stage, but has good ratings and really emulates the iPhone lock screen with precision and contains almost all its functions.

The iOS Style Reminder is a free application on the Game Store that emulates the look and feel found in the iOS Reminder application. I' ve been using memories on my iPhone all along, so I know everyone can use a little help to remember what's on their to-do lists. Easily generate a checkerboard of tasks to complete, generate calendars, remember dates, review incidents, and more.

There is also the free Espier Reminders application, but they haven't yet provided German language help. One of the latest extensions to iOS, the iPhone Notification Centre is definitely one of the most useful. Provides a comprehensive information platform for the user, providing up-to-date warnings, new email, application notification, meteorology, time, date, and other system information.

In order to recreate this look on your Android, try the free Espier notifications. In collaboration with Espier Launcher and Espier Reminders, Espier Notifications displays application warnings, text messaging, and memories at a central place. The Espier Launcher must be present for this supplement to work properly.

A. I. Type is a really fun free application that not only makes your Sony 3 keypad look like an iPhone, but also includes a number of other great functions. Now you can imitate the keypad for almost all common peripherals like Windows Phone, Blackberry and the old Android Ice Cream sandwich out.

Coolly cool functions like these are restricted to 14 working days on the free edition, so if you want them forever, you will need A.I. Type Keyboard Plus, which will come at a price of $3.99. Even more iPhones for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or another Android-app?

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