How to Update a website using Wordpress

Updating a website with Wordpress

You can use WordPress to create your own website in this course for beginners. Find out everything about themes, widgets, plugins, & more!

Build, update and maintain your own website with WordPress.

Find out how to use WordPress to design your own website with flexibility and dynamism in this complete induction. WorldPress is a web application that allows you to make a nice website or blogs. No matter whether you are planning to make your own WordPress website or engage a WordPress programmer, learning the fundamentals of how WordPress works will help you make and update a better website!

With the right approaches, I believe everyone can really pick something up. In this course, my aim is to help you gain an intuitional grasp of how to use WordPress to create your own website. This course will introduce you to the many configurations, functionality and feature sets of the WordPress self-hosting edition.

While we work together, I will be explaining why and HOW things work in WordPress so you can study faster and safer. WordPress will be reported when we explore it together: At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently design, modify and update a WordPress site, following best practice at every stage!

"I' ve worked a little with WordPress here and there over the years, but RoboBunny has certainly completed many of the gaps and I have a much better comprehending. Just look at the ones I need to study and just jump over the things I already know... perfectly setup and clear, detailled explanation.

"Steve L. "I really have the feeling that I really understood Wordpress now, and I did it in one single overnight! I also added a FREE section ("Section 13: Publish Your Website") that explains how web Publishing works. In case you don't have a web hosting where you can download WordPress, you can begin there!

Your choice will depend on your level of accessibility and your preferences for study. Test this course for 30 day and see for yourself if my WordPress training is right for you. I am sure that you will ENJOY this course and I am eager to help you study. Register now and you can begin to build your own WordPress website today!

Students of all age groups who REALLY want to really comprehend how to use WordPress - not just remember a few simple step!

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