How to Update Avada Theme

Updating the Avada theme

Click on the "Upload design" button. WordPress Theme - Please update immediately. Please contact us to inform you about a saved XSS and CSRF issue in the Avada WordPress Theme editions before 5.1.5 (releases before April 4, 2017).

It is a secure copy for all earlier editions and we strongly recommend that you update immediately. We' ve worked with ThemeFusion, the developer of Avada, to fix this issue, which is resolved in the latest update and is now available for update.

To protect your website, we encourage you to update to the latest available release as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you back up your website before you update or modify your data by default. In order to update your design by hand, please retrieve the latest design from the Envato Market affiliate on which the product was bought and re-install it on your website.

You can also update your design using the Envato Market Application Programming Interface (API) by installing and activating the Envato Market WordPress plug-in. As soon as enabled, click on the "Envato Market" drop-down list in your WordPress dashboard and join the application programming interface (API) to get an update notice from your Dashboard. In order to verify that you have successfully upgraded, browse to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress dashboard, choose the Avada theme, and make sure the release number is 5.1.5 or later.

Please consult the authors if you need further help or help to update your article. When you have used this topic in customer project work, please also help them backup their pages. At Envato, we take safety seriously. Receiving issue safety reporting for articles selling in our markets, we work as quickly as possible to verify the reporting, examine risks, and identify best practices for the safety of our communities.

In the name of the theme maker and Envato, we apologize for this discomfort and reassure you that your safety is and will always be our priorit.

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