How to Update Bridge Theme

Updating the Bridge theme

"Update of the Bridge Theme" (#611266) / Qode Themes Hello Kekeli, you can update Bridge either by hand or with the Auto Update function (available since version 6.4 - March 13, 2015). Copying and pasting the Bridge directory to:: FTP -content/themes/bridge - the theme directory of your website with FTP client on it. None of the available information or setting is ever deleted with this technique.

Once you have the Envato WordPress Toolkit in place and enabled, a new Envato Toolkit option appears in the administration side bar. From your administrator board, please go to Envato Toolkit and type in your marketplace username and your Apache key. To find your key, log into your Topic Forum account and navigate to Account -> Settings -> Key tab.

Once you have typed in your marketplace username and API key and pressed Save Settings, a new tabs called \"Designs\" will appear at the top of the page. To view all the topics you have acquired, click this tabs. You will be informed here if an update is available for a topic.

In order to update your topic, simply click on the button labeled â??Update automaticallyâ?. That means you don't have to log in to Themeforest to search for topic update - you can update your topics quickly, simply and conveniently, but directly from the WordPress Admin area. Whenever you use the auto-update function to update the theme, a back-up of the old theme will be saved on your computer's servers under \".../wp-content/envato-backups\".

You can also go to the Toolskit Preferences page to add topics you haven't yet added to your site, remove topics you don't use, and see release notes.

"Refresh Bridge Theme" (#410597) / Qode Themes

Hello folks, let me tell you first that I don't know much about coding, so please be patient. Hello, these are the Bridge theme commands. What can I do to update the Bridge theme? To update our topic, follow these steps: Your website. This procedure is wasted. The ones you sent us are for the main theme and not for the bridge, so you can't find a main file.

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