How to Update Divi Theme

Updating the Divi theme

Sign in to the WordPress Dashboard of your website and navigate to your Topics or Plugin Options page. To find this for Divi, click the Divi > Theme Options link. After you load your page with the design or plug-in options, check for the Updates tab. To view the User Name and API Key fields, click the Updates tab.

The one-click update has arrived for Elegant Themes, but may not work for older designs.

1. Obtain your Elegant Themes API Keys

As you already know, it's really simple to update a WordPress theme. Simply click on the "Update" pushbutton in your WP administration area and you're ready to go. It' not so simple with Divi, though, and I'll tell you why.

Even before you start, make a back-up of your entire WordPress website so that if something goes awry, you can undo the changes you made. You must have a legitimate licence for the Elegant Themes product. Sign in to your Elegant Themes accounts, go to: Go to Divi > Theme Options > Updates in your WordPress administration area and type in your Elegant Themes user name and your Application Programming Interface (API) number.

It can be useful if something goes awry with your website after the update. dashboard > Updates (or alternatively: Appearance > Themes), select Divi and click Update Themes. In this case you must use the Elegant Themes Updater plug-in. After installing this plug-in, type your ElegantThemes user name and your Apache Language (API) code in the general WordPress preferences (Settings > General in your WP administration area).

If for some reasons the above mentioned procedure does not work for you, you can delete Divi from your WordPress installation and upgrade to the latest copy of Divi. Simply browse and retrieve it from your ET balance, then use Appearance > Themes to up-load it. Don't neglect to use a subordinate design so as not to lose your coding adjustments.

And if you don't know how to make one, read my articles about making a sub theme. In addition, sometimes the update does not work when you try to update Divi in your WP administration area under Appearance > Topics. In this case, try to update it in Dashboard > Updates.

What can I do to update my Divi theme?

What can I do to update my Divi theme? Sign in to your Elegant Themes dashboard and click the Account page. Append your Elegant Themes user name and your own unique interface keys and store the preferences. As soon as you have typed your user name and your Application Programming Interface (API) into the Divi Theme Option Update page, you can view update alerts and update your Divi Theme using the WordPress dashboard.

Errors in the Divi Theme Codes are solved. WordPress kernel compatible, plug-ins. Added new theme functions. For Divi, there are frequent upgrades from the Elegant Themes staff and it's usually a mixture of Bugfixes and new or enhanced functionality. If you don't need these new or enhanced functions, you don't necessarily need to update Divi.

However, from time to time there will be a safety update that should always be done as it will fix problems that could cause your website to be compromised, which none of us wants. It' s a fact of WordPress living that at some point something will go wrong and your recently upgraded Divi website is no different.

While Elegant Themes do their best to make sure it is compatible with all Divi upgrades and the millions of WordPress plug-ins, host setups, and custom codes that can interoperate with the Divi Theme, problems can sometimes occur after an update. Good tidings is that Elegant Themes has added an update rolledback function that allows you to recover the earlier Divi release before your update.

Using one of the many free WordPress Back Up plugins, you can easily get some rest because you know that your website is not a path of error from catastrophe. I' m using the free Updarft plus to back up most of my websites to a dropbox inbox. Prior to Divi 2.7, upgrades were performed either by hand or using the Elegant Themes Updater plugin.

The Updater plug-in adds username and API boxes to the General Settings pane of WordPress if you accidentally use an old Divi 2.7 or earlier and want to update the design. Once you have upgraded Divi to a Divi 2.7 release, you can then remove the plug-in and use the Topic Option methods from the beginning of this posting.

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