How to Update Enfold Theme

Updating the Enfold Theme

Provide previous versions By 2015, it's never been so easy to quickly assemble a professional-looking WordPress page that looks perfect on any device. However, one important point we have seen time and again - especially for less seasoned WordPress user - is the issue of up-dating. We will go through everything you need to know to make a safe and reliable update for many years in this brief.

Let's start with a brief look at the most important aspects of the topic to date for a particular contexts. The Enfold product has been available since April 2013 and we have gone through three landmark revisions and a number of smaller revisions during this time: 1. 0: Enfold's d├ębut performance already in April 2013.

Encold 2. 0: Adding update option directly from the WordPress back end was the outstanding characteristic of this August 2013 releas. Fold 3. Zero: An important October 2014 theme update that featured demos, performance enhancements, and a variety of new features. Enfold 3.1 is the current software edition at the date of creation.

A major reason why we mention the above mentioned repetitions in this paper is to focus your interest on a useful filename that comes with every Enfold version: version.txt. When you open the Enfold Downloads Files window, you should see the release. txt is on the top layer.

If you open the document in a text editing program, you will see a full change log that extends to 1.0. Historical release detail will probably be of no interest to anyone but the developer, but looking through this is a great way to get a full, lint-free view of all changes before you install a new release.

Prior to continuing, we will review the key steps you need to take to make sure your update procedure is smooth and non-destructive: the use of children's topics. A major cause of fear when you update a topic is the chance that you will lose any adjustments you have made to your website.

Corporate theme creators strive hard to ensure that their update is as inconspicuous as possible, but it is also up to you, the website owners, to do your part by following best practice for theme-level changes. We recommend that you use a sub theme to change your theme in WordPress.

It' just a seperate design that takes over the function of the superior design and gives you an enclosed place to save your own changes. WordPress Codex provides an invaluable introduction to this subject for newcomers, complete with a full section for creating a sub-topic. We have also provided a special section in our on-line documentary about using a Enfold theme, which contains a videos summary of the Enfold theme and a preconfigured Enfold theme link to help you get started:

It is strongly recommended that you go through the Children Theme Road from the beginning, as this is the best way to make sure that any changes you make to your Enfold installation are smoothly updated. Perhaps you were completely oblivious to the subordinate topic options or left a product to someone who failed to use it.

If so, your first step before upgrading should be to take stock of past changes to the overall design and transfer them to a subordinate design for evaluation. Since the reservations about using children's topics have been overcome, the next important point to keep in mind before we actually update anything is the importance of backing up your current work before you continue.

At the risk of something going awry, you want the assurance that you have a full copy of the last operating state of your system - WordPress file and data base - before changing it. WordPress Codex also provides a useful summary of the topic and WPBeginner has recently put together a large selection of back-up choices for novices.

No matter which final choice you choose, make sure you have sufficient backup before you start getting the latest update. Likewise, if you update WordPress itself or any plug-ins that you use. In the ideal case, you would also like them to be refreshed before you tackle your topic. To date, we have described the most important precautions for the update.

Now is the right moment to move on to the update itself. Enfold can be installed from the WordPress user interface, an Enfold feature that has been available since 2.0. On our documentary site we have put together our own page, which describes in detail how this can be done in detail, so that we will only deal with the highlight here.

First, enter your Themeforest username and your Application Programming Interface (API) code in the Enfold Theme Options field. To find your own copy of the Application Programming Interface (API) code, go to Themeforest and navigate to My Preferences > Application Programming Interface (API) Code. As a result, a connection is established between your WordPress installation and Themeforest, which causes WordPress to search for available upgrades every twelve workinghours.

When an update is available, a single click prompts you to perform the installation directly from the Enfold Theme Options onscreen. A second way to update Enfold is to do this via FTP by hand. You should select this one for two fundamental reasons: You have a back-end issue.

For a long time WinSCP has been a favourite for Windows and many Mac OS X customers rely on applications like Cyberduck and Transmit. We' ve put together a guidebook that guides you through the FTP update: The tutorial describes an easy-to-understand, five-step process: Get the latest Enfold from your Themeforest area.

Verify the detail of the new release in the download section. text we mention above in the articles. Unpack the enfold. zpf file local so that you have full upload control over the update download. FTP to your website and browse to the Enfold installation site under /wp-content/themes.

Substitute the content of your current topic folders with the latest one. It also describes how to deal with the situation where you have first adjustments outside of a sub-topic you want to keep. This information should be enough to get you through most of the upgrades without a hitch, but - computer and softwares are what they are - there will be periods when you need some additional information or support, regardless of your knowledge.

The Enfold documentary itself should be your first point of reference. We' re always looking to make this asset as complete as possible, and if there's an answer you can''t find there, we suggest you get in touch with us about it - your input is an important part of making your own set of documents better for each of you.

Use this if you are in trouble and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries or comment through the Enfold-Supportforum. The WordPress itself is a continuously developing plattform, so it is of course a good idea to invest some effort to keep the applications up to date. New WordPress contributors should take the opportunity to read the WordPress Code as it covers many frequently asked issues in detail.

The WordPress Lessons section of the on-line documentary is particularly noteworthy, as it provides an extremely well organised educational pathway. You can also find a number of great WordPress expertise tools that are available free of charge at WPMU DEV and Hongkiat locations, as well as subscription based training on Lynda platform.

Hopefully this has taken away your worries about having to update your copy of Enfold. Familiarize yourself with the changes of the last update by checking the content of version.txt. If possible, try to ensure that you use a subordinate design. Ensure that WordPress and your plug-ins are up to date and that you have a full system back-up.

You can either run the back-end installation options to perform the update, or continue using FTP if you need more controls. Read the manual and don't be hesitant to call our technical department if you encounter any problems along the way. If you think we've been missing some frequent problems that bother Enfold endusers or if you have a suggestion on how to make the upgrade easy in upcoming versions, please let us know in the comment below.

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