How to Update Joomla Template

Joomla Template Update How to Update

Select the template you want to edit. When you have changed more than css/custom.css, you also need to back up these files. Extend your template download to its separate files and folders. Navigate from your Joomla administration to your Extensions Manager (Extensions ->

Extensions Manager). Updating your components, modules and plugins is an easy task in most cases.

Template Joomla Update

There are many issues that ask us how to update our template. Hopefully this Tutorial will include all the necessary actions that need to be taken to successfully update your template. Shall I update the Joomla template? Using the latest template release is very important for several reasons: In the 7 release, we have added template update notification messages.

When you use an EF4 template, you will be notified about the new template release in the notification panel of your Joomla Dashboard. You must make a full site image before you begin to update your template file. To do this will help you to stay quiet if things go awry during the update, because you will be able to easily reset your site to its before state.

Template update has no effect: user-defined pictures or other user-defined file - if you have added some user-defined file to the template folder, they are not affected. Template core is the only file that runs the danger of being overwritten. Do not overwrite templateore files. Stage 2: Go to your Joomla admin backend and browse to "Extensions -> Manage":

Stage 3: In the " Upload package file " choose the download and click on " Upload & Install ": You should then see a notification that the template update was a success. Stage 4: Update Joomla, add enhancements and make other changes specified in the Template Changeslog. When you have made some changes to the template kernel file, the template update procedure is more complicated.

It is not possible to update your template with the Joomla Extension Manager because you may loose all your changes. If you want to change the template, the best way to do this is to insert all your customized style sheets into the customized less data set. It is not affected by the update procedure, so you can update your template as described in the preceding section.

But we do realize that some of the changes may involve direct modification of the template kernel file, so you should be particularly careful when upgrading. Stage 2: Review the Template Changeslog for information about which file has been changed in the upgraded template: Stage 3: If the template file you changed is not included in the change log, you can go to the fourth stage.

If not, you will need to move all your changes from the latest template file to the upgraded template file. When you don't have a change history, you can use a differencing or merging tool to detect changes and match the files: Stage 4: Once you have applied your changes to the upgraded template file again, you can add the template file listings to the template folder on your servers.

It is recommended to use Filezilla for transferring data. Stage 5: Update Joomla, add enhancements and make other changes specified in the Template Changeslog. Your website should now be up to date with the latest template versions.

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