How to Update my Wordpress website

Updating my Wordpress website

The breaking of your website and not knowing how to fix it is a legitimate fear. Finding How To Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Right Away One of our recent WordPress site visitors asked us why their WordPress page is not being updated immediately. We will show you in this tutorial how to fix WordPress website not to update immediately. You don't update WordPress Site immediately? This is most often caused by new postings that do not appear on the home page of your WordPress page.

Whilst you can still see each contribution by selecting the Show contribution button in the WordPress administration area, you cannot see it on the home page. A further frequent symptom of this problem is that changes to WordPress Widgets do not immediately appear on the homepage.

When you encounter this troubleshooting error, read on to find out how to fix it. WordPress page is not updated? You have two frequent causes for this dilemma. First is your web browsing and caching. Occasionally, your web browsers (especially Google Chrome) will display a temporary copy of your site instead of the new one.

In order to fix this you just need to press CTRL + F5 (or Command + Right in Mac) on your keypad to refresh the page. Second and most likely cause of this is the badly configurated WordPress Publishing plug-in. In order to see if a plug-in causes this dilemma, you need to see if you are using a plug-in on your website.

Frequently, novice users use W3 Total and WP Super Total Setups. First thing you can do is try to clear all caches by using the setting area of your plug-in for caching. This can be done simply by going to the plug-in preferences page (in our demonstration we show W3 Total Cache). Next, you should check your plug-in preferences to see if you can manage what is buffered by the page-checking feature.

There is an optional way to disable title page chaining in the W3 Total Café under Page Café. Disabling this item does not buffer the title page. If none of the above work for you, you should disable any plug-in that is already on your WordPress page.

Once you have disabled the plug-in, you will need to go to your website to see if it fixes the problem. This means that you have to set up your plug-in properly. Our easy step-by-step instructions allow you to set up W3 Total and WP Super on your WordPress page.

Hopefully this item has been of help to you repairing the WordPress website, which is not being updated immediately. They can also take a look at some of the most frequent WordPress bugs and how to fix them. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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