How to Update Plugins

Updating plugins

The list of all plugins that have updates will be displayed. Plug-ins extend browser capability and allow them to perform tasks that are not included in the basic design. Then Mozilla Firefox checks online if there are new versions of one of your active plugins. There are two ways to install plugins: manually and through the Plugin Manager. Plugins from the Plugin Manager should be installed in most cases.

Download, install, activate and update the WooCommerce plugin.

Stage 1: Go to My Accounts -> API Downloads page and dowload the plug-in. Please note: If you have already the Basic/Free Edition already on your computer, please deactivate and remove the Basic Edition before installation of the Premium Edition to prevent conflicts. Keep your plug-in preferences in place. Stage 2: Installation of the plug-in on your WordPress / WooCommerce page.

4: Go to your site administrator and the settings page of the plug-in and enable it with e-mail and keys. Part 1 of this guide will guide you step-by-step through the process of downloading, installing, and activating the Premium Plug-in after your order. Part 2 of this tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process of downloading and installing the Free/Basic copy of the plug-in.

SUBSECTION 1: PREMIUM PLUG-IN. Log in with your access data, which will be used to buy the plug-in. Please click on Downlaod to get the plug-in pack as a ZIP-file. Hint: If you are using the Mac OS Safari browser to get the plug-in and fix problems, please read Q3 in the FAQ section below. Once you have downloaded the zipped version, you will need to have it installed on your website to use the plug-in.

Log in to your WordPress site administrator with your administrator logon information as shown below: As shown below, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Create New: When you click on Upload plug-in, follow the instructions below: To search the plug-in IP address book, click Select Files. Now click on Install Now, the screen will appear as shown below:

Press Activate Plug-in, the Plug-in page will appear as shown below: Please click on the Import Export/Settings button (depending on the plug-in used) to get to the admin options of the plug-in. Browse to the page with the plug-in admin preferences. Using this API key and this email, type these particulars in the License Activation section of the Plug-in Preferences.

Select Activate. As soon as the plug-in update is available, you will receive the notice on the Plugins page as shown below: To update the plug-in to the latest release, click Update Now. Please note: Your current plug-in configuration will be preserved after the update of the plug-in. SUBSECTION 2: BASIC / FREE PLUG-IN. Download and installation instructions for the Free/Basic plug-in.

It is possible to reinstall the base plug-in from WORDPRESS.ORG. Please note: If you have WordPress base software already on your computer, please disable it before upgrading to the premium software. In order to get the free plug-in, click on the desired plug-in after having navigated to the desired free plug-in page.

Please click on Download Release. Once you have downloaded the zipped files, you will need to download and download them to your website in order to use the plug-in. You can find further information in the chapter Installation procedure for the plug-in. Sequences for updating the Free/Basic plug-in to the latest release. Before you upload the latest release, please uninstall the current plug-in from your WordPress page.

Disable and remove the plug-in. Disable the plug-in by selecting Disable as shown below: As soon as you have disabled the plug-in, you will be given the Clear button, as shown below: To proceed with the next steps, please proceed to the Step 2 of How do I download and deploy WordPress/WooCommerce plug-in on my WordPress website? Notice: Your current plug-in configuration will be preserved during the plug-in update.

Q2: How do I get the free WordPress/WooCommerce plug-in? Read the articles section, Getting Started and Installing the Free/Basic plug-in. Q3: I see a lot of data instead of Plugin-Zip after the file is downloaded. Incorrect plug-in notification during installation. When you use the Safari web browser on your Mac, Safari sometimes extracts the plug-in tip while you' re downloadting.

In order to resolve this, please perform the following procedure before installing the plugin: - Please try again to get the Plugin-Zip. Are your WooCommerce plugins working on WordPress Multi-site? The WooCommerce plug-in & Our plug-in must be installed at the networking layer (DONT Activate). WooCommerce & Our plug-in and the custom page layer.

F5: I still have problems with the plug-in, even though I followed this one. Take a look at these high-quality WooCommerce plugins that are available on our marketplace.

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