How to Update Theme

Updating the theme

Unless you have made code changes to your design or installed an application that has changed your design code, your design will be updated automatically. Our goal is to ensure that your Avada update runs as smoothly as possible. Updating the theme Our goal is to make sure that your Avada update runs as smooth as possible...

. We' ve put together a complete set of guidelines to help you through this entire transition, no matter what Avada release you're on. Be sure to review them in their entirety to understand how best to update your Avada website. You have two options for updating your design.

First, our Auto Update function, where you have to sign up for your token registration. And the second is the manual up-loading of the theme, either via FTP or WordPress. It is the conventional way and involves downloading ThemeForest theme file first. Prior to updating, it is recommended that you always read our Important Update Information section, which is refreshed for each new release, and perform a full site protection and data base back up.

An important checklist to review before upgrading your site: This includes using the WordPress administrator to upload and performing a live FTP installation: Some frequent problems you may run into and what to do to fix them.

Ensure that you perform a full site and data base back up before performing any upgrades. There are some important points to keep in mind when you update from Avada older than 5.0 and later. It will be release dependent, so please read our section about upgrades from older Avada releases below for more detail.

It is important to always read our Important Update Information articles before upgrading to a new one. It will be periodically refreshed and changes each release of a new release. When you need to update from an older Avada release and review the important information articles from older releases, please read the archive of important update information.

Update to Avada 5. 0 of Avada 4.0. Significant and beneficial changes have been made to the Avada 5.0 registry. Since Envato will soon obsolete its old AP, the old way requiring your purchase code, ThemeForest username and APII keys has been modified.  Avada 5. 0 user are now obliged to enroll their products with the new token enrollment procedure that needs only one token instead of 3 What if I enrolled my products before v5.0?

In Avada 4.0, if you had already purchased and subscribed to automated theme update, you will be able to download the latest version of Avada 4.0. When Avada 5.0 is published, you will still see the update notification in the WP Dashboard > Update section of your WordPress Dashboard when Avada 5.0 is published. Once you have upgraded to Avada 5.0, however, you will need to re-register your Avada 5.0 with the new token enrollment methodology to get automated upgrades, Avada demonstrations and premier plug-ins (such as the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plug-ins).

Are you looking for information about older Avada upgrades? PLEASE NOTE: Avada v5. 0+ requires the new token registration to get our automatic update. To update your design, the simplest way is to use our automatic update function, which requires you to sign up your token to update your design.

As soon as you have purchased the Avada update and an Avada update has been published, you will be notified of the update in the WP Dashboard > Updates section of your install and will need a confirmation of the update to finalize. We strongly advise you to back up your design, your data and your data base before upgrading.

2 - Browse to the WP Dashboard > Update Your Install section. Stage 3 - In the Topics section, you will see the Avada Update Alerts. When you don't see the update and know that one is available, click the "Re-check" link at the top of the page to update the update history.

Stage 4 - Select the box next to the Avada update, and then click the Update Topics icon to begin the update. Stage 5 - Delay until the update is completed. As soon as the topic has been successfully refreshed, a message of successful completion is shown. Stage 6 - Don't miss to update the necessary plug-ins.

The manual update method allows you to either use FTP or WordPress to update the theme file automatically. ThemeForest theme downloads are required before you can update the theme file by hand. Read below for directions on downloading and uploading theme file.

Stage 1 - Log in to your ThemeForestccount, browse to your Download page and find your Avada Theme Buy. Stage 2 - Click the "Download" icon and select whether you want to either simply select the "Installable WordPress File" which is only the Avada Zip or whether you want to select "Download All Files & Documentation" which is the full Avada Theme Pack.

Stage 3 - After you have downloaded the theme file, you must choose whether to FTP or WordPress the theme file. When updating via FTP, it is important to remove (not substitute or overwrite) the old Avada theme directory. Only overwriting the directory will keep all deleted items in the theme file of your website.

The reason for this is that it only refreshes exactly fitting filenames. Problems in the topic, even serious mistakes, may result. If you update via the WordPress administrator, the directory is first erased when you install it. We strongly advise you to back up your design, your data and your data base before upgrading.

Stage 1 - Login to your FTP account and browse to the directory wp-content > themes. Once you have logged into your FTP account, you will be prompted to enter your FTP account. You will find a file with the name 'Avada' here. Stage 2 - Save the "Avada" theme file by storing it on your computer. Removing theme file will not delete your contents. Any changes to the theme's kernel file, such as PHP file, will be dropped, unless you use a subordinate design.

Stage 3 - Get the theme downloads you just made. Once you have loaded the WordPress installation executable, you only need to unzip it once to get to the Avada directory. Once you have unpacked the Full Theme package, you will need to unzip it once to open the Avada. zipped backup and then unzip the Avada. zipped backup to get to the Avada directory.

Stage 4 - After extraction you can move the new Avada theme folders to the wp-content > themes subdirectory using dragging & dropping. Ensure that the Avada theme file is called Avada and not Stage 5 - Don't miss to update the necessary plug-ins. If you update via WordPress, your old topic folders are removed so that you don't have to do it yourself.

We strongly advise you to back up your design, your data and your data base before upgrading. First, you must disable your Avada theme in the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance section. In order to disable it, just change to another topic. WordPress Twenty Sixteen is the standard theme, for example.

Move the mouse pointer over the theme image and click 'Theme Details'. Note, however, that all adjustments to the theme's kernel such as PHP scripts will be dropped unless you use a subordinate design. Stage 3 - Get the theme downloads you just made. Once you have down-loaded the WordPress installation executable, you do not need to unzip it.

Once you have unpacked the Full Theme package, you will need to unzip it once to be able to view the Avada Pack. zipped executable. 4 - To perform the setup, go to the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance section > Themes of your setup and click the'Add New' icon at the top of the page.

Click the "Upload Design" icon. 5 - Click on the "Select file" icon and choose the Avada installation package. Install Avada Pack and load it. Stage 5 - If this is successfully complete, reactivate the topic by pressing the Enable icon. Stage 6 - Don't miss to update the necessary plug-ins.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fusion Builder plug-in, published with and only available for Avada v5. The Avada has 2 necessary plug-ins, the Fusion Core plug-in and the Fusion Builder plug-in. The design does not work without these plugs. Every topic update always includes an update for the necessary plug-ins.

Be sure to update the necessary plug-ins after you update the theme to make sure you don't have any incompatibility problems. When you install the from WordPress and receive the error Do You Sure You Want To Do This, it means that your web site has an upload size limitation defined by your webmaster.

In this case, please FTP the theme or ask your host organization to raise the threshold. Please note that we recommend an upload limit of 32M. Topic Installation unsuccessful'Destination already exists' You may get this problem because you have a double'Avada' directory. WordPress only allows you to load a design with the same name if you use the WordPress Administrator to do so.

It is recommended that you update the design using the Auto Update methodology to work around this, or you can update the design using FTP.

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