How to Update Wordpress Child Theme

Updating Wordpress Child Theme

ADAPT A NEW PREMIUM CHILD THEME. So, you bought a premium child theme (thank you!) and are ready to dive in and customize it. I' ve installed a main theme and a subtopic. View all the advantages and disadvantages of using a WordPress child theme.

To upgrade a child theme to the latest higher-level release

Allow me to give you a detailled introduction to children's issues. Let's say you have a particular design for your website. Would you like to modify the page style "Single contribution" and display the heading below the contents? If you now work on your design, all your changes will have disappeared by the time the design is updated.

What we usually do is make a child topic with the necessary changes. The child theme gets all your styles, JS, and other things from the superordinate theme, but usually child topics are customizations. So, if you update the higher-level theme, none of your changes have disappeared. Now, if you want to update your child theme, it means that you will be replacing all your customizations.

When you 100% agree that the upgraded copy of this child theme is made up of all changes, you can easily substitute the contents of the child theme subfolder with the latest upgraded sub theme file in your theme subfolder. So, when you update your higher-level design, only the higher-level design is refreshed.

When you update your child theme, only your child theme is updated.

customers & updating your child | assistance

So, you have purchased a Topic (thank you!) and are willing to immerse and adapt it. After you have uploaded it and added your contents, you may want to modify some of the sub-topic's styles or even create your own. The best way we think to keep your own editing protected from being upgraded in the near term is to do the following:

In Divi > Theme Option, insert the section of text into the Custom CSS field. Return to the style sheet of the subordinate theme and remove the section of text.

Now your edit is securely saved in the Divi Theme Options pane, which cannot be overridden if you choose to update the child theme or if you update the higher-level theme. First, there is no need to actually update to a new release of your child theme, especially if you have made major changes to the child style sheet.

When we upgraded all our Divi Child topics to 2.5, for example, we found that there are very few things that need to be modified. Most important thing we have done is to move as much as possible from the style sheet to the customizer and modular preferences. And if you think you want to update to the latest release of your child theme, make sure you create a full back-up of your website and copy and past your latest child style sheet content into a text file if you need to restore any rows.

When you know what (if any) editing you have done in your subpage, copy and paste it into the Divi Theme Options Custom CSS field to help keep it protected. Load the new subordinate theme versions and enable them. Each of our sub-topics will ask you to download certain plug-ins.

They may already be there, but most importantly you will have the Import & Export Customizer plug-in already in place and on. As soon as you have done this, you can go to both the Divi Theme Customizer and Divi Module Customizer sections and load the contained customizer setting file in both places. Most of the time they will refer to single modules where you can now select options that did not existed in 2.0 but existed in 2.5.

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