How to Update Wordpress Theme

Updating Wordpress Theme

It is advisable to prepare everything carefully before updating WordPress themes to avoid losing any settings or adjustments you have made to your website. Find out how to update a WordPress theme without losing the customization. An upgrade of your WordPress theme to the latest version is highly recommended and is very easy.

Updating WordPress Themes

It is advisable to be careful before you update WordPress topics to avoid losing any adjustments or adjustments you have made to your website. In the following you will find our practical check list, which we suggest before you start with the update topic. First thing you need to do after you download and unpack the latest theme pack is to check the changelog in the README.txt as well.

These files give you an idea of new functions, enhancements, bugfixes or other changes in the new state. When you consider these changes not relevant or important, you can bypass the update. When you are not satisfied with your hand backing up, you can use plug-ins instead and below is a number of WordPress Back Up plug-ins you should try.

It is important to test the topic in advance in a test area at your site. Test the latest release of the theme directly, keep an eye on the bug and make sure all plug-ins are working properly before you apply to your web site. They can also reference this codex guide for a clear view of how to update the topic in WordPress, e.g. when you need to update, what should be done and what should not be done, etc.

These instructions are regularly revised so that you can be sure that you will never default. You have two update options: manually update and automatically update. Automatically all our topics have been refreshed. For a complete guide on how to obtain the licence code to enable the auto-update, please refer to our instructions here.

It is the simplest way to start the newest topic. Easily browse to Dashboard >> Appearance>> Themes, select the theme you're interested in, and then click the Update Now icon to perform the update. Also, when you update a WordPress theme or theme manually, any past adjustments to the theme itself are forfeited.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you update the design manual to prevent loosing your changes and affecting the initial design. So far you cannot update our premier topics automaticly, you need to use your account to review and update the latest versions of the topic (if available). If you bought the designs through ThemeForest or CreativeMarket, simply go to your account to get the latest design versions.

Browse to the Dashboard >> Corporate Design >> Topics >> Create New >> Upload theme. The old and new versions are displayed in the topic area after upload. Simply verify the release number to find and enable the latest theme release. If you try to update the design with the existing name, it will not work and you will receive an errormessage as described below:

That means that you cannot load two topic directories with the same name into the same topic directories. Search for your old topic file and change its name. Load the new design into your website. As soon as you're done, go to Dashboard >> Appearance>> Themes to select the right theme to use.

Unless you can recall all the adjustments you made to the theme file, don't be worried, you can still get the changes back using utilities. Many different utilities are available to identify and contrast the differences between a file and a folder ( In order to update the WordPress theme securely without loosing your customisation, it is best to use a WordPress children's theme.

Read this detailed walkthrough for our step-by-step instructions on how to build a WordPress children's topic. First of all, there are all the important points you need to know when you update topics in WordPress.

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