How to Update Wp Theme

Updating the Wp Theme

Use FTP or cPanel and navigate to wp-content/themes/ and find your old design. Register on your website via FTP, navigate to wp-content/themes/. Navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and download your theme folder to your computer. As soon as the upload is complete, your design should be in wp-content/themes/customizr on your server.

Can I update my design?

Totals offers the possibility to update via 3 different ways. Check your theme licensing key and receive update notification in your dashboard, use the Envato Market plugin, which also provides update via your dashboard, or update your theme licensing key via FTP/SFTP manual. Follow the steps below for each update methodology.

Prior to updating: Be sure to update WordPress before you update your design. Topic Totals uses new features in WordPress to keep things up to date and optimised. One of the simplest and best ways to update your design is to review your design using the Theme License Dashboard in your WordPress dashboard.

After reviewing, you will be notified in your dashboard when an update is available for downloading. If you are currently using an older release, please use one of the other techniques listed below. The Envato Market plug-in lets you organize all the topics and plug-ins you've bought from ThemeForest and Codecanyon through your WordPress Dashboard.

Naturally, you can update at any time by overwriting all your data via FTP or SFTP. Important: Sometimes within the theme file is erased, so make sure your application deletes all your file and uploads the new ones when overwritten, instead of just "updating newer files". If you have a file on your servers within the design that is no longer used in the design itself, it can cause problems.

Once you have finished upgrading your design, please complete the following steps: Once you have updated your design, you must clear the web site and browsers caches to avoid mistakes (this should be done when you update ANY design or plugin). So before you start thinking about how to update your design, it's really important that you really know how to empty your acrache.

To know how to do this after the update, please refer to or make a booking with the following link. Once you have updated your design, please make sure that you also update your optical componist by following the instructions for upgrading the design's suggested plug-ins. Problems may occur if you update the design and not the visual composite.

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