How to Update your Theme in Wordpress

Updating your theme in Wordpress

Updating a WordPress Theme Not only are Premium WordPress topics much cheaper than recruiting a web design professional, they are also associated with continuous topic creation. This means that you get periodic upgrades with enhancements, new functionality and extra choices. Only for a few dollars you have constant free WordPress theme update and the WordPress topics get better from period to period - that seems like a good business!

Find out how to upgrade your WordPress theme to a new release in this tutorial: Don't worry about securing your WordPress website! You need to know which release you are currently using before you know if there is a new release of your WordPress theme. Please find the WordPress theme number in the style sheet format (style.css).

Alternatively, you can find it under Corporate Design => Topics in your WordPress dashboard by clicking on "Topic Details" for the respective topic: Once you know which WordPress theme you are using, you can search for theme update. Normally, you can review your WordPress theme provider's website, search your favorite search engines, or your theme change logs to see if there are any theme up-dates.

Don't worry about securing your WordPress website! It is strongly recommended that you back up your website before making any changes under the cover of your website (theme upgrades, plug-in installations, etc...). Whilst you are only upgrading your WordPress theme, there is a good chance that you will not need your back up and that there will be no problems at all.

However, if there are problems, you will be happy to have available your site restores in order to backups. It is always a very good Idea to keep a copy of your old data sets and data base backups to protect your website. It is generally advisable to create a periodic back-up plan.

When you are working on website upgrades or other important changes and are expecting your website to be affected for more than a few moments, it is advisable to activate a service session. If you have your website in service your people will know that work is still in process and that the website will be available soon.

Dependent on your audiences, this can avoid disappointment. Naturally, it is completely up to you to put your website into service modus. It is not a prerequisite for updating your WordPress theme. Several free plugs are available to put your website into service mode: Servicing. When a newer release of your WordPress theme is available, you must first update to the latest one.

To find out where to update the database, please read your topic provider's information. It is always the latest release of your WordPress theme. Once you have loaded the new document, there are two ways to update it: If you are not technically proficient and have no FTP client expertise, or if you do not want to edit theme documents by hand, you can simply update your WordPress theme using the WordPress dashboard.

Essentially, you just get rid of the old release and reinstall the new design to update the data on it. In order to do this, simply browse to appear => themes in your WordPress Dashboard and then: In order to be able to install your new WordPress theme in the WordPress-Dashboard you need the zip-document!

DON'T unpack the download as otherwise you won't be able to reinstall the design using the WordPress dashboard. Incidentally, you don't have to worry about losing your preferences or configurations by upgrading your WordPress theme. When you update the theme from your WordPress dashboard properly, your setup is usually not affected if you have the theme properly applied.

However, there are a few exclusions, e.g. if your design has been re-encoded entirely or if there have been larger changes. Am I losing my preferences when I update my WordPress theme? Alternatively, you can update WordPress topics by replacing the old WordPress theme on your computer's hard drive with the new one. Once you have uploaded the latest WordPress theme you should have a zip archive.

Simply unpack this filename and load the new theme filenames onto your web browser to replace the old one. As soon as you have done this, the update topic is complete! As a rule, WordPress topics are stored on your WordPress servers in the /wp-content/themes directory. For example, the storage place of the data for the MH magazines WordPress theme is /wp-content/themes/mh-magazine.

If you have problems with your FTP clients, please refer to the FTP clients you use. For help locating folders on your servers, please consult the technical department of your hosters.

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