How to Upgrade Avada

Updating Avada

In your Admin menu, go to Fusion Builder and click Settings. Sign up for the Avada newsletter to be informed about new updates in the future! Pitfalls of updating older versions of Avada With almost half a million installations, Avada is the best-selling WordPress topic on ThemeForest. And Two Hats has been following Avada for two years. We' ve seen how many things have changed during this period, and have identified some possible traps in upgrading your older topic.

One significant modification was that the encoding system used in early Avada releases was changed to use the term "fusion" as a preferred name for all abbreviations to prevent conflict with other plug-ins that could use the same encoding syntax. Thus, the new system was able to use the same encoding system for all plug-ins.

In addition, the system of rows that previously assigned a Yes or No value to the last rows has been modified to include all rows in a "fusion_row" number. Similarly, inner colums are included in a "fusion_inner_row" speed dial. avada uses speed dials (now called "elements") to implement its many different styling choices, and many speed dials have become obsolete or change their naming over the years.

With every Avada you iterate, new items are added as well. More recent items must be set to "ON" in the Fusion Builder preferences. First, you will want to go through your own coding and search for brief coding interlaced in divides. The Fusion Builder wraps all div labels within the "fusion_text" shortcut during translation, possibly breaching the div label (i.e. the terminating label is no longer in the same container).

"Note HTML Comments" because the Merger builder reads small HTML files and ignores the HTML comment. Normally it encases the opening and exiting of HTML tokens in the shortcut "fusion_text" - similar to the above output. My suggestion is to remove the comment and then save old contents after converting using the new "Library Element" function of Merge Builder.

If you convert an older Avada installation, some of the selector name may have modified, which may cause the user-defined JavaScript to abort. The Avada comes with several Premier plug-ins. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information if you are trying to upgrade your Avada installation and need help.

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