How to Upgrade Joomla Manually

Joomla manual updates

Visit the Joomla download page and open the Upgrade Packages section. Launch your FTP client and go to the unpacked package. J3.x:Upgrade from an older release Use the Joomla Updater components found in your site administrator's Components submenu to upgrade Joomla! installation.

Once an upgrade is available, a notification is displayed and a key is pressed. What you will see will depend on the settings for Server Updates and Server Actions.

Refer to Joomla! Upgrade Components page. If you select the first one, you will see the latest version of the main version you are using. If you select the second one, the last updated of the last Major will be displayed. As a result of being cached, an available upgrade may not be recognized and the system deletes the entire database for you. Once it is complete, you may need to upgrade your display or clear your browsers memory to adapt to changes in the style sheet.

Notice: Joomla! will inform you on your admin home page (Control Panel) when an upgrade is required, but it will not perform the upgrade for you. Push the key to launch the upgrade. Selected suggested action and steps: We recommend that you perform these tasks when upgrading a manufacturing site:

Backup your website before you upgrade to a new one. This way, if something goes awry during the upgrade procedure, you can reset your website to the previous release with ease. Use one of the suggested methodologies described in this guide to upgrade. This method installs the new Joomla application file, deletes old application file and updates the Joomla data base if necessary.

Delete your browsers memory and verify that the upgrade was a success, as described in the Verify Website page. Once an upgrade is complete, it's a good idea to clear the web browsers memory and review your site to make sure the upgrade was a success. You can perform two fast searches using the Extension Manager.

Verifies that your Joomla! program databases are up to date. Browse to Extension Manager ? data base. When your data base is up to date, you should see a similar display to the following one: When your databases are not up to date, you will see a list of issues found, similar to the following:

The Joomla will upgrade your data base to fix the problems mentioned and then the monitor will appear again. When the correction is completed successfully, the message displays that the data base is up to date. N.B. If there are still bugs, make sure that all your databases are valid. When you upgrade to a new Joomla release, new kernel enhancements are added in some cases.

Corrected a problem with the installation of these enhancements when the databases were updated. In order to verify this, go to Extension Manager ? Discover. You should see the following screen: Then you know that any new enhancements added during the upgrade have been properly applied to the data base. When there are noninstalled expansions, they are displayed similarly to the following screen:

If this is the case, select the box and click the install button on the taskbar. The Joomla will instal the extension(s) and then show the monitor that does not show any detected extension(s). Here the new enhancements were added to the data base. In case you have a question before, during or after the upgrade, please post it in the Forum Migration and Upgrade to Joomla! 3.x.

Here are some hints if you have a problem or mistake during the upgrade procedure. Further information can be found in the following places: Possibly there were changes to the JavaScript or Javascript, which have to be loaded from your web browsers after an upgrade. Be sure to review the Extension Manager if you receive incorrect information from databases after the update:

Data Base register card, followed by the Extension Manager: Occasionally, if a data base failure is detected, all data base upgrades are prevented from being executed. If this is the case, you can run it on the Databases page and then use the www. exe.exe methodology to review and deploy new enhancements. Should you experience bugs or issues during or after the upgrade, please read the release specific Q&A for the release you have upgraded to.

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