How to Upgrade Theme in Wordpress

Updating the theme in Wordpress

In many ways you can update the WordPress themes and update them to the newer version. There are two ways to update your design! You can either upload the theme files manually via FTP or upload the zip of the theme to WordPress.

Updating your WordPress GK Theme

We regularly release WordPress site topic upgrades. A number of different ways to update a WordPress GK theme exist, according to your particular circumstances. Whatever your circumstances, make sure you back up databases and "old" theme data as well. The theme folder file is here: wp-content/themes/.

This way, if something went awry with the new release of the theme, you're just a few klicks away from getting things back to where they were. The custom WordPress theme means that you have made some changes to the initial design according to your needs. Once you've done it, the first thing you might want to do is see if the changes to the new release of your theme are substantial or not.

Hopefully you recall which theme file you used? Most of the time people like you only adjust overdrive, style sheets and theme pictures. The WP theme option is saved in the data base, not the theme file. So the more customizations you make, the more things will go wrong when you upgrade.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to easily check two different releases of your design (old release against your new upgrade release). WinMerge is a free utility for Windows that allows you to see what has happened between different files, and then merge those changes. Upload the design to your computer.

The FTP/SFTP clients allow you to directly substitute files/folders from the latest versions of the theme. Most of the time you don't have to substitute the folders with theme pictures, favoricon, ico und overhead. bss-document. Secondly (recommended), just change the name of the old theme directory first (e.g. from "RockWall" to "RockWall-Alt", and then load the new theme.

For both cases (4) and (5) - the theme release will be updated to the latest, up-to-date one. Once you have updated the design, make sure that all your plug-ins and Widgets are working correctly. We always recommend that you make and change a kid instead of choosing a WordPress theme.

Ensure that your website is upgradeable by making a subtitle theme that retains all your adjustments. All that you've modified is separated, which means that WordPress continues to look at the subordinate stylesheets first before the changes from the new release of the initial style sheet are applied. For larger WordPress releases, new functions and other changes may result in WordPress topics not working as they should.

Please give us some free space to give new fixes to make them compatibility with newer WP-releases.

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