How to Upload a new Theme in Wordpress

Uploading a new theme to Wordpress

As an alternative, you can also search the WordPress theme catalogue and install the desired theme directly. Select the Install Themes tab at the top of the screen. To upload and activate the WordPress theme, follow these steps. The Add Topics page also allows you to manually upload a topic to your website. It may be necessary to upload or optimize your featured images when switching to your new design.

Can' t upload my Wordpress theme in the administration area.

History: This is a very general and easy problem and this concerns your hosting setup and not theme or plug-in data sets. Indeed, many common hosting sites set very small restrictions on uploading the max filesize, so if you try to upload a larger upload than the max upload limits, you will get an alert like "Are you sure you want to do this" and then need to reboot.

You can upload your design via FTP or raise the upload limit. So how to raise the maximal upload area? Below are config options that apply to the upload limits: A lot of hosters allow you to make your own php.ini files in the home folder of your website. Some of the server's PHP defaults may be overwritten by this one.

Otherwise, just make a php.ini and place it in the public_html folder of your website. In this example, it has been modified to 25 Megabyte; maximal mail sizes that PHP will support; maximal allowable upload sizes for loaded documents.

  • What happens if my hosting does not use my php.ini files? If this is the case, you must consult your hosting service and ask them to raise the upload limit.

If a WordPress theme already existed, how to upgrade it - WordPress Themes Support - Support Forum

In general it is very simple to upgrade a WordPress theme to the latest release, you just have to go to your Dashboard ->Updates, then select the theme you want to upgrade. Sometimes things may not be so simple, for example you know that the latest release is available, but in your dashboard WordPress just couldn't verify the new release.

When you upload the new release to your WordPress, you may receive the following message: The installation of the theme was unsuccessful. The new design for the old release has not been installed and still is. If so, how can you refresh the topic? The old design has been erased. Be sure to have a copy of the old design on your computer before deleting it if the new design doesn't work well on your website.

Download the new zipped version into your WordPress, download and activate the design. Update your design by hand.

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