How to Upload a new Theme on Wordpress

Uploading a new theme to Wordpress

The only thing you need to do is upload a new design to your website and activate it. The upload theme pushbutton does not work in Wordpress.

I' ve got Wordpress in my Godaddy host, it works pretty well, except that I can upload a new design. if I click Appearance > Themes and then don't append anything new, it appears. If I click the Upload Topic icon, nothing happens. I' ve tried to change the standard theme, disable all plugins, but nothing solves the issue.

I really have to await confirmation. I can go to my blogs, but I can't upload a topic, what goes awry? It was a topic-related problem. I' ve just been renaming my recent design and then the standard design was enabled automatic. I was then able to upload my cerif Iite theme and it now works well.

I' ve gone through this and I' ve fixed it! It mainly happens when you move Wordpress from one place to another! Deinstall and disable all theme! and reinstall! If you cannot remove the theme due to changes, disable the theme switching to another new theme by reinstalling from Wordpress and then returning to the old theme! if the fix persists:

Rummage in other issues with the Wordpress tag or ask your own issue.

What to do: You should not overwrite the old theme by installing a WordPress theme updater as a new, separated theme.

Have a look at the free web-based edition of my WordPress theme guide "A Practical Handbook for WordPress Themes". Valid for every WordPress release from 3. 2 to 4.6.1! When I completed the FAQ section of a WordPress theme I had written, I came across this question:

Is it possible to use a WordPress theme updater as a new, separated design without replacing the old design? When you take a group of directories and encode them into a single zipped archive, the OS will name the zipped archive (Macs use "Archive. zip" to name a group of directories.) When you extract "Archive. zip", a directory named "Archive" will be created so as not to let a pile of directories fall all over the world (even if you didn't begin with a directory named "Archive."), say you have the archive in "

" If you unpack "awesome_theme. zip", a directory with the name "awesome_theme" will be created now. When you take a separate directory with the name "awesome_theme" and pack it to a zipped directory, the zipped directory is renamed "". "When you open the zipped archive, a directory with the name "awesome_theme" will be created.

" Changing the name of the zipped archive from "" to "" would still give you a directory with the name "awesome_theme". It is important to understand this directly when you are creating upload zipped images. WorldPress ( and some other theme designers ) pack their theme folders into a directory with a certain name that they use for all releases, like "twenty.

" If you are compressing this directory, often change the name of the zipped archive to indicate which release it is, e.g. "The . zipped archive therefore has a directory that contains the theme archives. Briefly, compact bulk executables and the zipped executable will be decompressed to create a directory according to the actual name of the zipped executable.

Collapse a directory, and no difference what you do to the name of the zipped files, it will always decompress and display the name of the initial directory. Therefore, the name of the directory it is creating is important, and you want to check this if you want to apply an upgrade as a standalone design.

After uploading the zip from the Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload screens, I noticed after a few seconds that "destination directory already existed. The installation of the theme was unsuccessful. "Ok, so the Theme Name property isn't enough to consider it a new, distinct design.

Looking at the zipped archive I'm going to upload, it's titled "", without a subdirectory containing the theme archives. As I said before, this last part is important: in this case WordPress uses the name of the zipped document to generate a directory. So when WordPress unpacks the filename, it generates a directory with the name "twentyeleven".

"which already existed (for this test) in the topic directory. WordPress will prevent you from replacing the current "twentyeleven" by another one. The name of the zipped archive was renamed from "twentyeleven. zip" to "twentyeleventest. zip" and it is now available. When WordPress unpacked the files, it generated a directory name "20eleventest ", which does not already existed.

I now have two "Twenty Twelve" topics, one as 1.5 and the other as 1.6. An interesting thing was happening when I was looking at the theme screens: The WordPress list will list the name of the topic as "Twenty Eleven/ twentyeleventest. Twenty Eleven/ 20eleventest. "Since the Twenty Twelve theme already existed in the WordPress Knowledgebase, WordPress keeps it separate by re-naming it for the theme dash.

What the takesaway is that no mater how you made the zip you have to make sure that the WordPress directory is made when you unpack it, it is clearly called and not the same as any other directory in the theme directory on your servers. But unfortunately not everyone is experienced in the way of FTP or even with their cPanel files managers to just upload a clearly labeled directory to the wp-content/themes directory.

This... zip tutorial is for those who only know how to use the WordPress Admin Panel to administer topics. If you have two of the same designs with different version installed: Widget and some Customize choices on the Customize monitor will not run when you move to the new design.

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