How to Upload a Video to Weebly for free

Upload a free video to Weebly

Dragging the item to a page and clicking it opens the Toolbox. Enter the direct link to the YouTube video in the field provided. Click the Share button below the YouTube video to find the direct link. Copy / paste from there. Drag and drop the element to any location in the Content Area.

Embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo and others - Weebly Help Center

There are two ways to split YouTube, Vimeo and other video services. With our YouTube video item you can watch video from, um, what's this place named? Yes, YouTube! You can find this item in the Media section under Items. One of two ways you can attach a YouTube video to your website.

Second ( and more agile ) way is to use our embed code elements, which we will discuss next. Dragging the item to a page and clicking it opens the Add to Page utility. Fill in the form with the YouTube video directly in the box provided. Click the Sharing icon below the YouTube video to find the shortcut.

None of the other links will work, so make sure you use the one found here. Make sure twice that you copy the correct one with the above mentioned options. As soon as the links are available, you can set the video players resize using the Extended item in the YouTube item tool box.

And if you even think you're restricted by this feature, you can even use our embedded code feature to include YouTube video. Embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and many other providers) about our Item Embedded Code. Below is a video clip of How'd They Do That Video showing how you can use our embedded code item to quickly attach a YouTube video to your website.

Begin by pulling the item to the side. You will then receive the embedded encoding for everything you want to include on the site. These can usually be accessible via an embedded or unlock switch located on or near the contents you want to unlock. On Vimeo, this unlock key will appear on the right side of the video.

When you have the embedded encoding click in the Embedded encoding item and choose Edit Custom HTML to insert it. If you click outside the item, your contents should appear there.

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