How to Upload Custom Theme in Wordpress

Uploading a custom design to Wordpress

Therefore, we cannot support uploading custom WordPress themes to our service.". You can install and activate a custom theme, a purchased theme, or a theme from the WordPress catalog. The WordPress application allows you to use custom blog designs so you can make your website look fresh and original. An animated image showing the creation of a custom home page.

To install a design, you must first find the design.

Use the managed WordPress topic area

Describes how to use the Design utility to help you administer WordPress topics in your Managed WordPress services. Proceed as follows to get to the subject area: In the Account Center, open your Managed WordPress Control Panels. On the My Pages page, choose the website for which you want to administer topics.

Please click on topics in the menue on the right. If you want to see a new design previewer or modify your design, first move your mouse over the miniature view of the design you want to use. You have two choices for each topic. In order to display a theme pre-view, click the View Theme pushbutton.

If you want to switch your design to the design emphasized, choose Modify Design. It is also possible to upload a custom design to the Themes utility. Use the following directions to help you use a custom theme. Browse to the bottom of the Themes pane and click the Custom field. Custom changes from gray to gray and vice versa.

Choose Upload & Activate below the Custom field to proceed.

WordPress: Uploading custom typefaces

Although our WordPress topics contain nearly 1,000 free Google fonts, you may want to use a custom fonts from another well. To use a fonts on a Web site, you must have a Web fonts installation called WOFF. The WOFF files you need are already included if you bought the new webfonts.

When you have retrieved a OTF or TTF typeface, you must first encode it into a writeable OTF or TTF document. They can use free sites like to generate the web page you need. If you have the wof-files, please store them on your computer screen. Remember that you must have regulatory clearance to use custom typefaces under each license.

2.1 Right-click on this shortcut to get the plug-in (or click on Mac). Choose "Save shortcut as...". Store the data on your computer screen. After downloading the files to your computer, we can now upload them to your WordPress page. Get your WordPress dashboard. Press the Upload plug-in pushbutton at the top of the page.

As a result, you can choose the "" which you have been downloading during the above process. Enable the plug-in now: 3.2 Use this to upload the WOFF files from your desktop: It is also possible to upload a Woof2 if your fonts have one. However, it will help to shorten the load times of the fonts very easily.

3.3 Give your custom typeface a name. The name is used on the Topic Option Properties dialog so that you can choose it from the available text lists. 3.4 Click Save: You can now customize your typeface using the typeface settings in your design. All custom typefaces are shown at the end of the type listing as follows:

You can now choose one of the fonts in the design.

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