How to Upload Custom Theme to Wordpress

Uploading a custom design to Wordpress

Are you ready to install a WordPress theme? When it comes to topics, there are tons of resources online. Use the WordPress administration tool to install the design.

This is how you reinstall a design from the dashboard

Interested in installing a WordPress theme? When it comes to topics, there are tonnes of ressources available on-line. Recommended topics are from the Topics Directory. When you are looking for a premium theme, we suggest WooThemes or another site in the premium theme directory. So if you're planning to buy a premium theme, see if the writer has a free copy that you can try before you buy.

Stage 1: Call up the topic menu: In order to upload or download a theme from the theme directory, sign in to the WordPress Dashboard. Next stop is Appearance > Themes. You will be taken to the Topic drop-down list where you can start. Please note: If you have a theme installation, activation changes the way your contents are viewed and the way your website works.

As soon as you have selected topics, you will be taken to the topics menu. Allows you to pick New, then pick from the presented WordPress topics, find topics with specific functionality, or explore the most common WordPress topics to see if they match what you're looking for.

Notice: The first topic on the list is the currently running topic on your website. Don't be a typ-o, do some real research on your subject! But before you buy a theme that shows the way your website or WooCommerce shop should look, check out the functions and see if it is the right answer for your needs.

In order to download a design from the WordPress theme directory, use the lookup field on the right to find your design. Twenty Twelve" will be installed for this step. As soon as you have found your design, click the Connect icon to begin the installation procedure. When you have uploaded a theme from another place, use the Upload theme icon to begin the installation procedure.

Click the Browse icon to choose your .zip from the design creator. Now your design will be install, you will see a successful completion confirmation when the downloading is complete. Please be aware that this is only a notice about the status of the downloading, your design is not yet enabled and will be displayed on your website.

If you are willing to modify your design and upgrade your website, you must choose Activate. As soon as you have finished downloading the design, you will be shown a list in your theme menu where you can see all your designs you have just uploaded. After you click the Activate icon, you have successfully completed the installation and activation of your new design!

Next is to make sure that the entire contents of your website are in order. You may need to re-configure some of your preferences according to the topic.

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