How to Upload Wordpress Theme via Ftp

Uploading Wordpress topic via ftp

You can use an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) to access your web server via FTP. Learn how to manually switch a WordPress theme via FTP. Fill in the FTP details that you received from the first step after the installation, as shown here:.

In order to upload the topic by FTP method, make sure you have the credentials such as hosting, username and password. The video shows you how to install Avada via FTP.

To upload the topic using the FTP upload methods

Just browse to the Themeforest theme's'installable file' and you will see the THEMENAME.ZIP or files. When downloading the complete packet, unpack the packet first and you will see the files "THEMENAME.ZIP" or "" 2.) FTP access via the FTP Client. FileZilla is recommended (free software).

Complete the credentials and log in in the pathname of "wp-content/themes".

Update your WordPress theme via Control Panel or FTP

Our topics are updated very carefully, with at least one monthly fix planned and all "emergency" fixes processed immediately if a major issue is detected. Furthermore, we welcome your comments and proposals on how we can improve our topics. Every proposal is seriously considered and if the features requests can be considered, we will include it in our theme roadmap and cover it in upcoming upgrades.

It is therefore essential that you keep your theme up to date - to prevent malfunctions or safety issues and get the most out of the new functionality we are continually developing. Wherever there is a theme upgrade, you'll see it on your WordPress dashboard:

If you go to Appearance > Topics, you will see something like this: If you click on the motif picture, this detail pop-up is displayed. You can see that the latest release, the latest release and the "Automatic updating is not available for this topic" are also displayed here.

On this page you will find the date of the upgrade and the latest release as well as how to get it with link to our technical assistance and your accounts Dashboard so you can get the upgrade. Please dowload the latest installer for the topic. You will receive it as a zipped archive, e.g.

Unzip it into a file. It is the primary goal of the Topic Updater to easily replace all existing Topic folders with the ones from the new download you just made. It is important that the name of the directory used by your theme ("kale", "kale-pro" or whatever your installer may have called it) remains the same.

You can find your topic directory by login to your web host using FTP or the file manager in your web host controls and switching to wp-content/themes/your-theme-folder (like wp-content/themes/kale or wp-content/themes/kale-pro). This can be created in your web host dashboard - here are some steps on how to set up an FTP in Bluehost.

Once you have logged into FTP with your FTP accounts, you will see something like this when you switch to public_html/wp-content/themes/. Dragging all your data from the folders you extract to the Theme folders on your host. You should see something like this after the topic is updated when you return to your WordPress Dashboard and reload the page:

If, for some reasons, you do not want to upgrade your design via FTP, you can do so directly from your own webspace. Once you have logged into your Bluehost login, click on "cpanel". You will see a shortcut to "File Manager". To see this, click File Manager.

Navigate to the topic directory, in this case wp-content/themes/kale-pro. Click on the topic directory and click on "Compress" at the top. As we have a back-up, you can now remove the major topic directory "kale-pro". Just unzip the downloaded kale-pro. zip files by choosing the files and click on "Unzip" above.

As a result, all topic data is extracted into one directory. Please make sure that the name of the topic file is exactly the same as the old topic file (which you just deleted). Otherwise, you can choose the directory and click on "Rename" at the top and give it the right name.

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