How to use Godaddy Domain

Using Godaddy Domain

If you click on Use a domain that belongs to me. videotape Watch this videoclip and read this articles to find out how to assign your GoDaddy domain. For more information on the differences between routing and mappings, click here. No GoDaddy will show you any domain names, but they can certainly help you with any question about the game. First go to GoDaddy and login to your area.

Your user name is usually your client number, unless you have modified it to something of your own. 505-8877. If you're having problems signing in and feel you need to change your passwords, click Forgotten your Passwords? or call GoDaddy at (480) 505-8877. You will be directed to your GoDaddy dashboard after login.

Click DNS next to your domain. However, before you make any changes here, please browse down and make sure that the name servers and all forward setting are as shown below. GoDaddy's name servers must be configured to the GoDaddy standard setting. When you see something else, please obey the following steps to change the name servers.

Previously, if you used another website operator with the same domain, they may have linked your domain to that website via name servers. And if you haven't configured an e-mail from this website operator, click Modify in the Name Server section. Choose Default on this page to return the name servers to the GoDaddy standards.

When you have configured emails through your former website providers, name server reset may disrupt your e-mail services. In this case, please contact your e-mail vendor to find out how to proceed with the GoDaddy standard name servers and how to map your e-mails using MX Entries rather than name servers.

Ensure that redirection is turned off for the domain and sub-domains. Ensure that the following adjustments have been made: Normally by defaults the CName with the wwww hosts points to @. That is the CName you need to modify. Press the stylus key to modify the CName with the name www. Make sure that the following adjustments have been made:

As a result, you reach the slideshow of the user-defined domain. Then click Save, and then click Upload. DNA adaptations take longer to spread to certain domain administrators. Error in Page Settings > User-Defined Domain: Make sure you inserted the www before the user-defined domain and did not use uppercase characters.

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