How to use Godaddy Hosting

Using Godaddy Hosting

The reason I don't use GoDaddy (and neither should you). My recommended hosting service is Hostgator. Can GoDaddy Hosting be used easily? WorldPress Theme Development Company, curses GoDaddy for oversold hosting area. No it' not a good idea and I have to say that GoDaddy is one of the lowest rated hosting companies!

Locate the right nameservers for Godaddy Hosting.

A lot of my clients are hosting their pages with Godaddy. In general, Godaddy is a great hosting, is cheap and WordPress works well on their Linux hosting. Godaddy's sponsorship is also good and the bad past services are usually gone. However, a few nights ago I encountered a name server issue; I had to hoster a .au name that I had bought from an Aussie registration agent on my Godaddy hosting.

Normally, the hosting procedure of a non-Godaddy bought domainname is not painful, but for some reasons my domainname would simply not "redirect" to my Godaddy hosting. Like I have done in the past, I followed Godaddy's directions to set up name servers for a registered and hosted name.

At the end of the name server listing, the tip is:'TIP: You can also find the name servers of your domainname in the zone file editor...' which is exactly what I did. Therefore, I use my name servers for my Australia domainname according to the corresponding data from Godaddy, the information about the zone file editor and the name server detail, which I have specified for other domainnames, which I have hosted at Godaddy and which I have bought from another domainnameeseller.

BUT, domainname wasn't redirected to my hosting. Godaddy's orders are false! Select Edit Zone under the Domainname you want to be hosted at Godaddy. Name servers are specified in the NS (Nameserver) section. The order of events to take when hosting a Godaddy domainname, if you bought the domainname elsewhere, and if the DNS is administered externally:

Log in to your Godaddy bankroll. Allow a few short moments and then write down the name servers as described above. Access the GNS for your domainname and modify the name servers to those specified in stage 6 above.

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