How to use Publisher

Use the Publisher

In the left column, click on the publication type you want to create. The right pane displays various templates for the selected publication type. Browse through the templates in the right pane to find the template you want. This template contains a number of predefined design styles that you can use unchanged or customize as you like. The first time you open Publisher, Publisher offers you a number of different publication types.

Publishing with MS Publisher

The Publisher will transfer your data to your Publisher Profile for you. When you make changes to your website in Publisher, just do the same and the programme will update the pages and update your site for you. Click here for an alternate way if you are having trouble posting directly to the Publisher.

If you have further comment or suggestion about this site, please add: "Publish to the Web" does not work with MS Publisher. Which publishing options are available for Web Easy Professional? Where can I submit my website? To use the FTP Accounts utility to generate FTP accounts. It is useful to grant FTP to your accounts without giving someone your cPanel passphrase. tags:

Describes alternate front page features to Microsoft Front Page Tags:

Prevent Word and Publisher from creating content.

It is not recommended that our customers use Word or Publisher to generate e-mail marketing communications. Those apps generate extra style and HTML that can cause design and shipping troubles, such as a higher level of spamming. Below you can see what kind of chaotic Word creates when it is transformed into HTML.

We do not suggest using MS Word or Publisher if you do not know HTML and need help with its creation. It' s enticing to make a beautiful looking page in Word and then click the Save As HTML pushbutton, but what you make of it is malicious coding. It is the HTML e-mail you would use if you entered it manually.

It is the HTML you would get if you were writing it in Microsoft Word and Save As HTML.

A few ISPs are filtering spammers using contents and codes they are scanning, so Word's entire additional word suffix can stop your campaig. In order to avoid this additional coding, use the Insert from Rich Text Editors symbol when you copy your Word contents into a text area. We remove the unwanted text and most of the text formats and insert the usable text contents into the textbox.

You can also add your contents to the text of an e-mail in Outlook (not as an attachment) and use the e-mail beamer to generate a campaig.

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