How to use Themeforest Templates

Using Themeforest Templates

content We will guide you through the process from your design to installation and activation on your WordPress page. This guide assumes that you have already installed your WordPress enviroment with the latest WordPress release. Your articles are available for free on your Downloads page.

You have to unzip the included WordPress documents in order to find the WordPress installation package. After downloading the zipped document, you need to unzip the document from the zipped directory to find the WordPress zipped document you can install.

Be sure to choose the zipped archive that contains the name of the topic you bought. To find this one, search for the one that has your themes name and the zipped extensions. As an example, we download the topic'Krobs - Personal Onepage Responsive WordPress', so that the download has the name ' rubbs. zip' (

It' your design is about to be installed on your WordPress page. As soon as you have signed into the admin area of your WordPress page, you have to browse to the topic menu: As soon as the download is complete, you will see the'Install now' checkbox. It is also possible to enable the design by choosing 'Enable'.

Now you have your WordPress topic installation. Now you can research the theme's preferences and start creating your own website. You may be able to FTP or submit your design to a web site via a web browser in some hostings. To do this, you must submit your design and pull the files from the /wp-content/themes/ directory.

For more information, see the Handbook. It' a simple solution and all you have to do is make sure that you have downloaded the WordPress installation executable from your files. Read the above instruction for downloading your design and how to install the WordPress installation package.

WordPress allows you to use WordPress by default for uploading up to 2 megabytes (.MB) of data. A few topics may go beyond this restriction, so you will need to set up your own configuration for your application to allow large scale up-loads. You may have permission to authorize or modify a PHP API script within some sharing hostings.

When you have an exisiting or need to build a new PHP API script, please include the following additional source text. API script in your home directory. In case you could not find or modify your phone book files, you can use the HTTP access files to enlarge your maximum upload filesize.

Now you can find the HTTP access in your home folder. Certain hosters might not be able to handle phone calls, email messages or HTTP cams.

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