How to use two Themes in Wordpress

Using two themes in Wordpress

With the first option, you can specify a different design for the home page of your website. Just select a topic from the drop-down menu and click the Save All Changes button. A second option is to specify a full URL, use a URL prefix or an asterisk in the URL.

Showing Multiple Topics on a WordPress Site

UpStream users sent us an interesting email message this week: Can I display different WordPress themes on different pages? You need an response because of a issue with the topic of your website. You chose a WordPress topic that was great. But the design has all its own css loaded, even if the design was not used.

Corrected problems with any plug-in that tried to switch to full frame mode, such as UpStream (which has a full frame front end design). Too belated to select another topic (the users were away for an hour from the start), so we chose not to show the topic on certain pages. A simple way to do this is with the Multiple Themes plug-in.

Installs this plug-in for multiple themes on your WordPress page. Navigate to "Settings", then to "Multiple Topic Plugin". Twenty-five " is only displayed if "Projects" is included in the address bar. That worked perfect and resolved the issue for our users. You could use your regular design on most pages of the site, but whenever "projects" were in the URI, the Twenty Fifteen design was used.

Multi-Themes has a number of additional applications that go beyond those described in the first part of this tutorial. In this way, for example, you can select a topic that only occurs on your homepage: It is also possible to display a different design when a specific catchword is added to the url in a Query.

A use for this would be to select a particular topic for the affiliates attention. If you type?keyword=affiliate in this box, anyone who links to an affiliated site will see the topic you selected. Or you can select a different topic for your postings and pages. That could be very useful if you have a blog-specific design for your post.

You have many, many more options within the Multi-Themes plug-in. It' really a useful plug-in, and it comes with a bunch of docs. Don't worry about the alert that it hasn't been refreshed for some time. It is a robust plug-in that can help you display several themes on a WordPress page.

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