How to use Weebly Blog

Use the Weebly Blog

And how do you make a free blog with Weebly? Blogs are a fun and easy way to get more people to your site. This allows you to create dynamic publishing of your contents and allows you to share the latest blog posts with your subscription to generate more revenue. WEBLY provides blogs as part of its CMS, so similar to creating sites, you can use most Weebly items in your blog.

Into this post we will be discussing how to build a free blog with Weebly along with other Blogging functions. Find out more about how to build a free website with Weebly. Log in to your Weebly Moneybookers page and modify the site you want to blog to. Choose "Blog Page" to include a blog on your website.

Select the page design you want and that's all a blog will be added to your website. This added blog page serves as an index page for your blog with the latest postings and you need to make custom blog postings using the Weebly Blog Builder. Above way of attaching a blog page will attach blog to your contents page.

And if you only want to keep one blog site, make sure the blog page serves as your home page. You can do this by dragging the blog page to the first page under the Pages drop-down list, and the start button will appear next to the page name. To navigate effectively, add external links pages and links to your blog category.

In this way you can have a full Weebly blog site. It is also possible to add default and memory pages and show or hide them via the Navigate tool. As soon as you have added a blog page, you will see another blog editors when you edit a blog posting. There are three icons at the bottom of an editors window - Comments, Blog Settings, and New Article.

To see new items in the Weebly Blog Editors that you can move to the Contents pane of your posting using your mouse, click the New Item Buttons. There will be, for example, a "Read More Break" item that can be added to your blog entry. Contents in front of this item are shown first and when an interested reader hits the "Read more" hyperlink, the entire contents of the posting are shown.

It is a very useful function, especially for long articles with a great deal of contents. All of the following items are grouped under "Blog Sidebar" and can only be added in it. The group disappears when you create a blog posting to avoid it being placed in the blog's Contents pane.

Find out more about Weebly blog items. To begin composing your blog contents, click the New Post icon and use drag and drop techniques to move items. WEBLY offers the following functions when you create a blog: The blog is always stored as a draft and can be accessed at any time, even if it is not posted.

Immediately start sharing your Weebly blog with Facebook and twitter by turning on the sharing butons. Make a catagory for your theme by selecting the " Append " button in the catagories area. It is possible to insert a contribution into several different catagories. Adjust the comment settings so that they are opened or close as desired. Immediately or at a specific planned date, submit posts according to the timezone you select in Blog Settings > Date and Times.

Each blog entry is posted as its own website and ranked in various searching machines. Prior to posting, click the Blog Settings button to set up various functions such as per-page postings, Facebook and Twitter sharing button, turn on or off side bar, and include headers and footers available in the General section.

The blog preferences also include various optional features for your annotation preferences, such as selecting the standard annotation system of Weebly, Discus or Facebook and activating CAPTCHA anti-spam. If you click on the "Comments" tab, you have many ways to effectively post your blog annotations. Find out more about Weebly Voice Mailing. Or you can blog when you are creating a new website by selecting the Blog radio box.

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