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The Wix has a free plan, but only if you use a Wix subdomain (e.g.

What makes you think you should study WordPress instead of Wix?

Set up a schedule for acquiring the technical skill set you need to get a new career with this 60+ page FREE e-book! No matter if you're new to technology or have been around the pad a few and a half time, you've probably already seen WordPress. WorldPress is a CMS (Content Management System) - a piece of web publishing technology that lets you author, post and administer your website's contents on-line.

It is a particularly practical website development tool because it allows designers to create and manage their website contents in a more rational way than programming a website from inception. WorPress-based contents are added and modified via a web page GUI, where changes are immediately mirrored on a website after the Publish pushbutton is pressed (as distinct from customizing and submitting each page of a website when a modification needs to be made).

Something like Wix, a web builder and web host, is an even easier option to WordPress. With Wix, people can create Web pages by just drag and drop page items from a menus into a templates. But the only technical capability needed to create web pages with Wix or similar platform is the web competence to go on-line and make your way to the Wix website.

So, if this is the case, why do you need to know how to use WordPress? Stacy Clements, web and tech advisor, says the most basic distinction between a CMS like WordPress and drag-and-drop sites like Wix is that WordPress (especially the WordPress available SW. org versus the blogsite) is "hosted by itself" while Wix is "hosted".

" Using a hosting based services like Wix, all your website's information and asset is saved on Wix's own propriety server and cannot be relocated. That means you're restricted to a restricted number of themes and plug-ins (since you can't submit your own) and don't have full code-level control over your website (i.e. you're restricted to interaction with your contents through the drag-and-drop service's GUI, rather than adding and editing directly).

If you use a self-hosted technology such as WordPress, you own the website you create, which means you have to take the additional step of host ing-your own website, but eventually you will have more possession and complete mastery over your content: having an extensive subject and plug-in repository, the power to create, modify and modify your website coding, and the flexibility to customise every facet of your website.

Clement says it is to consider the distinction between constructing a home by selecting a suite of layouts provided by a Wix contractors (Wix) and working with a Wix contractors on the basis of a one-of-a-kind draft of your own personal style (WordPress). Website designer Michael Murphy added that, in adding the customisation, the portability offered by a WordPress application is itself a strong characteristic.

"Murphy says most website hosters endorse WordPress sites. "And if you are not satisfied with your existing WordPress Web site, you can move it to another Web site without difficulty. "Murphy says that the migration of your website information (content, functions and other assets) within a WordPress context is simple. However, if you choose to remove yourself from a host like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace, Murphy warns you that you need to rebuild a new website from the ground up.

"Murphy says, "You can't take a website created with a site like Wix out of its environment," Murphy says, "If you choose to begin with a Wix site, you'll be trapped with a Wix site until you choose to create something completely new somewhere else. Jackie Kossoff, your sales and marketer, says that the choice of WordPress or Wix is based on two things - your skills and your client's needs.

In order to create and maintain a self-hosted WordPress site efficiently, you need programming language proficiency such as HTML and CSS, which gives you the power to monitor your site on a single layer of granularity. But if you have no programming experience and want to get by with a simple, straightforward website, a host set-up like Wix can be a good one.

Wix drag-and-drop platform is specifically engineered for beginners and is ideal for small companies or organisations whose web appearance does not demand many complex functions or vibrant contents. Mazdak Mohammadi, owner of bleberrycloud online advertising agency, says that as a company grows and grows, pull & pull websites become less effective.

"If a company wants to use its website as a selling point, it must have a very special core of attributes built on its own clientèle. "In other words, WordPress is certainly more versatile than drag-and-drop and therefore a better option for a specialised, highly skilled, expanding company.

Can WordPress do what Wix can't? To give a concrete example of what can be achieved with WordPress that is not possible with Wix or other hosted drag-and-drop sites, Clements described a web site she worked on that was initially created with Weebly (a hosting drag-and-drop web site similar to Wix).

While Weebly gives consumers the option to include a store in their website, Clements needed an e-commerce platform that would allow them to link to their carrier and bookkeeping services. However, Clements was able to use WordPress and its code-level accessability to redesign and customize the site to give their customer the agility they needed to run their store.

So, how difficult is it to study WordPress? Since WordPress is so much more rugged than drag-and-drop alternates, you can be expected to experience a sharp learner's path. Clements says, however, that getting into WordPress is actually simpler than it seems. " code includes documentary on how to setup and run WordPress software," says Clements, "and there are many topics and plug-ins that make it simple to build a fundamental website.

" As soon as you have familiarized yourself with the site and are willing to take the adaptation of your website to the next step, Clements says that the best programming knowledge to begin with (in additional to HTML and CSS) is PHP (a scripted programming interface to automatize WordPress site processes) and JavaScript (another scripted programming interface that manages the interaction of a website's components such as pop-up displays, slide shows, and automatic completion of query fields).

Clement says that the great thing about working with WordPress is that you don't have to have a high degree of engineering expertise to begin creating base websites, but if you improve your capabilities, the complexities of the websites you make will grow with them. In addition, Clements says that the open source character of WordPress means that there are many user-defined plug-ins that allow you to make complex websites without having to reprogram every single part from scratch.

That' s why, Clements says, research and problem-solving expertise is as important as engineering when it comes to working with WordPress. Juxtaposing WordPress and Wix is easy: While Wix is a good wildcard for setting up a basic web site, to really maximise the value and functionality of a website, you need the more rugged WordPress capabilities.

The good thing is that you don't have to be put off by the learn bend of upgrading to WordPress. Comprehensive, user-friendly documentations and an extended libary of ready-to-use plug-ins will be your guidepost as you evolve to WordPress Masters. Create a schedule for acquiring the technical skill set you need to get a new career with this 60+ page FREE e-book!

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