How to use Wordpress Blog

Use Wordpress Blog

We will redirect you to a page where you can create your new article. When you' re done, click the Publish button and your post will instantly appear on the front page of your blog! Enter the domain name you want to use on the next page. A lot of professional bloggers prefer to have their WordPress blog hosted on their own domain ( instead of example. This guide will show you how to create a blog with the WordPress blogging software, because it is the most popular, adaptable and user-friendly.

Starting with Wordpress

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WorldPress vs. Blogger: Detailed comparison of the blog platform (issue 2018)

What is the best blogsite? With so many available blogs, it's a legitimate notion. To help you get over your headaches, we have compiled WordPress and Blogger comparisons. More importantly, we've integrated both versions of WordPress, so there are three great blogs for you to think about.

The Blogger was established in 1999 by Pyra Labs and taken over by Google in 2003. The Blogger is a free publication site, while the BlogSpot is a free webmaster.

They are both in the possession of Google and are used together on the Blogger-Plattform. By creating your blog on Blogger, you get a BlogSpot domains automatic. However, you do not need to use the BlogSpot domains; you can also choose to use your own domain: On its Blogger blogging platforms, Google will host your blog with a standard BlogSpotomain.

The creation of your blog on Blogger is easy. Type a name for your blog. Select a blog location (URL) - Blogger will confirm if the blog location you selected is available. Select a topic - There are a few topics (templates) that appear as you build your blog, but you can search more and adjust your blog later.

Here is how I made my blog: Once you've set up your blog, Google gives you the option to buy a customized top-level domain. Whatever your choice, Google can help you. I have already bought the Domain, so it is not available. It is also possible to buy your domainname from another supplier like Namecheap and then refer to your area.

Once you've completed the option to purchase a Domains you' will see your Blogashboard. It' empty at the Moment, but here you will administer your blog. You can click on the links above the menus to display your blog: There' s no blog entries yet, but in the right side bar there's a "About me" section that uses your standard Google+ profiling information.

The Blogger has a simple WYSIWYG editing tool with the ability to switch to HTML editing as well. So you can include pictures and movies in your posts or even include YouTube movies. And if you like, you can make your contribution in Google Docs and then copy and past it into the Notepad, just like here:

To the right, you have mail preferences for attaching tags, planning the release date, setting your permission link, and comments and data protection as well. This is the example of the article published: Your blog can be customized with different designs and laysouts. Begin with a basic design and customise your backgrounds, look, colours, lettering and more.

Either use the Blogger themed designer or modify the HTML yourself: There are many topics in Blogger, but you can also post free and third parties premiums. Blogs use gadgets (the equivalents of WordPress widgets) to create the look and feel of your site. Use gadgets to view things like your blog's archives, show blog tags in a listing on each page, or specify your profiles on each page.

You can interrupt your blog at any point, or even stop the Blogger at all. is a free blog services that combine the free WordPress blogs application and premier hosting in one package: is home to everyone from the latest blogs to Time/NN, CNN, TechCrunch and more.

Starting with a free subscription and then adding three more reward stages. Contains a sub-zone, fundamental theme customizations, and 3GB of entry level space. Contains a free customized domainname, 6 GB of disk space, and removed all advertisements. Contains advanced analytics tools, Google Analytics assistance, unrestricted disk space, and the ability to add third-party topics and plug-ins and delete brands.

Start with WordPress. com is simple. As soon as you have your own website trading area, you can start creating your website in three steps: Select a topic - A small choice is shown, but you can select from several topics later. Select an adress - you can freely select to use your registrated domains, if you have already purchased one, or buy one at

Following these walkthroughs, you will be taken directly to your website, which will contain a first article example. It' an great way to see what your new website will look like without you having to contribute. At the bottom of the page you will find the logo, because this is a free map. has a similar blogger style interface to manage your website: Last but not least is a shortcut to WP Administrator - the same administrator board you get in You will want to make your first blog entryoner or later. has the same features as a text processing program and the ability to encode in HTML if you like.

And if you choose to blog your blog entry in Google Docs, you can use the application to design and download your entry and pictures directly to your web site. Use the Paste Contents button in the upper LH corner of your blog entry to include your computer's multimedia, Google Photos photo accounts, or a contact form:

On the right side bar is the Post Settings tab, where you can set the blog posts' state, assign category and tag, add your pictures and add your share button. WordPress Customizer opens many different customization possibilities to help you customize your website: If you do not own your blog, may block and remove your access if they discover that you are in violation of their policies.

They have to give a high bonus to use third parties topics and plug-ins. began in 2003 as a simple blogs management utility, but has developed into a complete content management system. Worldwide, WordPress has become the biggest self-hosted blogs application in the industry, used on billions of websites and seen by dozens of billions of people every single day. WordPress is the world's biggest self-hosted blogsite.

Launching your site will take slightly more your schedule and scheduling than Blogger and as it is a self-hosted options. As there are literally hundred of web hosters out there, look for one that specialises in WordPress web hosters. Check out our guidelines on WordPress Referral to find the best WordPress solution for your specific needs.

Once you have purchased a web site you must buy a web site name. Don't be seduced into registering your domains with your web site provider (even if it's free). Browse my guidelines on how to select the right blog for your blog at WP Superstars. The installation of WordPress differs from computer to computer.

So if your WordPress webhost does not contain this or you would rather do it yourself, then we have some information that can help you. See the famed WordPress 5 minutes installation. Have a look at our full WordPress blog launch instructions. As soon as you have WordPress up and running, you can start your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

Many of the same features as are included in the dashboard, but they are displayed differently. Since itself is host, you are in charge of the administration and maintenance of your website. These are some of the key issues you or your host partners need to address: Inexpensive web hostings cannot always be considered trustworthy when it comes to backup, and are known to be sluggish in recovering your site if there is an error.

Upgrading software - You must make sure that you keep WordPress, your design, and your plug-ins up to date; otherwise, your site is more susceptible to vulnerabilities. Beginning with v3. 7, WordPress implemented automatic batch updating for all smaller versions, such as 3.7. With the WordPress Customizer - as we've already seen - you can modify colours and wallpapers, font styles, menu items, widgets and more.

However, there are even more ways to customise your website by installation of designs and plug-ins. ships with a standard topic; e.g., Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, etc. It' s okay to begin, but soon you will probably want to have a design of your own choosing installed. When you want to find a free topic, the best place to find it is the WordPress topic list.

Unless you find a free design that works for you, you can buy a free one. In most cases, the prime topics have more functions and can be market-specific. ThémeForest - The largest top quality thematic fair. Stylish Topics - Currently 87 topics, among them the all-singing everyday di vi topic.

Thriving Topics - Not as many choices as the first two, but their topics are conversion-focused. With plug-ins you can further expand the WordPress functions. Here, too, there are both free and free plug-ins. Today it is quite usual for plug-in programmers to provide a free base and an extended top level game.

Now you can begin to search for free WordPress plug-ins. Click here to see the web hosting choices. Supports the use of your own domains. You now have the information about the different blogs you want, you need to consider which one best fits you. The Blogger is ideal for novices and occasional users.

It' free and gives you a good idea of what blogs are all about. However, before you go too far on your blogs trip, consider changing to WordPress. free is also ideal for novices and occasional bloggers. It will help you keep track of the WordPress platforms and blogs in general.

When you have any desire to use your site for commercial purpose, you need to switch to the Premier Schemes. WordPress said: Websites with a payed schedule had 34% more page impressions per month than websites without a schedule. With a Premier subscription you get more functionality and better choices as well as rugged webcasting.

When you want full independence, select Due to the countless possibilities of adaptation you can build the ideal CMS. Hartshorne is a free-lance author who works with shop floor proprietors and marketers to produce in-depth, real-world experiences that reach their audiences. Do you want to expand your blog 425% quicker?

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