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Stylish free WordPress theme theme in WordPress How do I get the design installed? How do I upgrade the design to the latest release? The topic is strongly based on featured images. When your posting lacks a featured images, the mail images will not be displayed on the home page, archive pages and featured page slider content to see how you can include a featured images in your post/page.

How can I post/page a featured image? This design can be customized with great extra functions via the customizer under "Appearance => Customize" in your WordPress Dashboard. Goto this Goto this Goto this Goto this Goto this Goto this Goto this Goto Audioman provides thrilling menu options! The topic discusses and encourages the use of custom menus.

To enable featureured, portfolio, and testimonials functionality on your Web site, you can build a custom menu using Look => Menus in your WordPress dashboard. You can use it as a featured component.

The Audioman portfolio includes support for Custom Post Types. How can I create a portfolio in the homepage with the Essential Component Typ? Audiooman support page as heroics. If you want to change hero contents go to "Appearance => Customize => Topic settings => Hero contents". Audiooman has 2 standard layout, 2 homepage/archive layout to select "Appearance => Customize => Topic option => Layout option" #How to insert aplaylists?

Audiooman support page as play list. Perform the following procedures to include a play list in your theme: Then go to "Customize=>Topic Option =>Playlist" Then go to "Save & Publish" #How to modify the standard text in the Find field? The Audioman software support Custom Post Types as test menus. How do I append a testimonial in Homepage/Frontpage with Essential Content Typ?

Currently Audiooman has 4 widebar (sidebar) areas that are there: In WordPress go to "Appearance => Widgets" or "Appearance => Customize => Widgets". Audiooman support CT: Social Icons. Eventually click "Save & Publish". You can customize your own style sheet to override the theme style sheet for further customizations by selecting "Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS" in your WordPress Dashboard.

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