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To save a lot of money, combine your Internet and cable or other services. Browse the web, check your email, play games and download movies and music faster than ever with our fast home Internet service. Now, let someone else get in touch with you.

Please click on our bundle-and-save calculation to summarize your saving! The HTC is your most trusted highspeed Internet service locally, providing a range of Internet maps with wideband connectivity. Web speeds are critical to maintaining the performance of your streamers at optimal level, and HTC wideband without covert device costs ensures your cordless Internet surpasses your expectation.

At HTC, we offer broad-band services over a variety of backbones, mainly fibre optics and cabling. With more fibre links to home lines than any other operator in our region, HTC provides HTC neighbours with up to 1 Gbit/speed. For many other neighbors, our residential gateway provides competitively high bandwidth rates.

You can use our high-speed Internet computer to see if your home's Internet link has taken over your family's networked lifes. Whether you're a powerful Internet player used to instant downloading and permanent online sharing, or someone who just needs to get your e-mail from your relatives and acquaintances, HTC High-Speed Internet has a schedule and prices that are for you.

You can see how quick your Internet is. Keep in mind that there are many things that influence Wi-Fi signaling, so try this test of performance both over Wi-Fi and directly connected to your wireless device. The Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security Suite provides the most complete and easy-to-use security for your privacy so you can safely buy, trade, bank or surf.

The HTC Home Wi-Fi offers simple HTC high-speed Internet connectivity across a range of device models. Are you a low-income user and need help to pay for a telephone call or wide band Internet connection? You may be able to join the government's Lifeline Programme.

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The HTC is your most trusted Internet service company and provides a large selection of Internet maps with broad band and fibre in some areas. The HTC Digital Cable TV provides the best value for money in home theater. Get some nights off and when you're not on the road with HTC's best alarms, get a little better.

The latest safety camera products are available with our home safety system, with interior, exterior and movement activation. HTC, as an authorized AT&T dealer, provides a full range of the latest portable equipment and cordless schemes to satisfy the speech and communications needs of your handset. The HTC is your home town for the best home communications needs, offering both long haul and long haul calls over the fixed network.

With Horry Telephone you can make and receive calls in your own home, such as voicemail and call forwards.

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