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Convert your text to HTML instantly. Add or upload your text and convert your Word, PDF and other documents to clean HTML. HTML component gives you full control over a section of HTML within your page.

Ultimate Online Toolkit for the HTML Editor

Convert your document to HTML or migrate your contents?

So we began working on the HTML editors of our dream, with all the functions we could imagine. This is the best HTML engine you can find, and it will help you safe a lot of valuable work! Convert documents to HTML, HTML Cleanup, DayManger and more.

(Insert text to be converted to HTML)>.

Additional cleaning choices of | Convert PDF to HTML Convert PDF to HTML Convert PDF to HTML Convert PDF to HTML Convert PDF to HTML Convert to HTML Save your PDF file to PDF Export to HTML, DOCX or PDF Design and test e-mail Upload your own pictures and PDFs Spellchecker and more.... If you want to use HTML with Javascript, please use the variables name 'html'. Substitute the first occurrence of'xxx' with' yyyy' html: html = html.replace("xxx", "yyyyy"); Substitute all p-tags with span-tags: html = html.replace(/p>/g, "span>"); Removing all p-tags from html: html = html.replace(/]*>/g,""); Click here to get more information about "yyyy" html: html = html.replace(/p>/g, "span>"); Click here to get more information about html: html = html.replace(/]*>/g,"); Click here to get more information.

Purge your HTML without limitations. Easily up-load your Word, PDF, and other document types and immediately turn them into pure HTML. Add pictures or data using the Data Viewer. Load your work flow by storing your cleaning option in a preset. Exports your data to Word or PDF. Store and open your data from any web browsers.

You' d support our website and get great additional functions like uploading your data and storing your data and template.

Immediate preview

Fill in your text in the text box and see how the previews change as you typed. Generate your document simply and without installation of a software. There' another on-line HTML editing tool that uses a WYSIWYG based graphical editing tool that is connected to the original one, but we found it necessary to build a seperate composition tool where the TinyMCE does not overwrite the mistakes and offers more liberty and controls.

This special text box fixes our coding every single times it sees something as a bug, even if we didn't want it to. We can now use non-standard tag and attribute ASP. NET tags and more. You' ll see the default text in the sources window when you first download the website, so you can start experimenting with the tools.

Click the Closing icon at the far right of the upper pane to exit the open tag. HTML composing's primary area uses syntax emphasis to make mark-up speech tag easy to distinguish and easier to read. Its number of chars is shown along with the most important keys: Cancel, New Page, Fontsize Adjusters, Air Pressure, and the HTML Clean key, which performs all enabled cleanups.

You will find the previews area on the right side of the main page and the changes will be shown here immediately to make HTML composition more philanthropic. You can use the Day Assistant to carry out mass surgeries on the coding. After the first row of the day name bar there are extra features to add new days, substitute them, erase them entirely with their contents, just erase the days, erase the day attribute of certain days and it is possible to change table and table names into textured elements of divs.

In addition to the pre-defined IFRAM, TBL, link, instep, picture, forms and lists labels, you can edit and edit other labels that you enter in the entry boxes. Any of the actions of the Daywizard can be performed using the small playback keys or they can be activated by examining the gray points and applying them together with the major key in the upper right hand side corners of the screen.

Some of the most essential HTML cleansing functions are available and can be used individually or all available settings at once. Eliminate multiline style, undesired class and ID, empty labels, labels containing only one uninterrupted blank, consecutive blanks, comment. Or you can get rid of all the day attribute (except the image rc string and anchors href) or delete all the day attribute with a single click, making the text a simple one.

Text bit replacement can search and exchange text bit throughout the entire text, contents, tag attribute, style, or class/id. You can copy and paste the most popular parts of the source text into the textbox. Text creator fills the text box or assigned area on the page with some fundamental Lorem Ipsum heels.

Be sure to verify the HTML code before publication to prevent mistakes. Browse through all the poor HTML practice here.

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