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Main Html Page Template

Only exception is that some browsers do not recognize the newer main element. Is a free one-page HTML template for iOS and Android App Promotion. An one-sided template for the construction of simple and beautiful homepages.

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The template focuses on fat pictures, ideal for a website in magazines format with eye-catching contents. You can easily find your story with large functional pads. Large miniature views with a place for picture headlines and description as well as an informational headline make this the ideal template for bookings of properties or hotels.

You' ll appreciate the large, orbiting Helden slide control and miniature view pattern for elements and button elements in this template. Accentuate your work with this elegant template that is ideal for agency or freelance work. Big pictures, an easy-to-navigate lay-out, and a rich side bar help you get your blogs up and running. What better way to get your blogs up and running? What better way to get your blogs up and personalized?

Elegant and lightweight, this can help your blogs differentiate themselves by bringing your contents to the fore. Demonstrate your work and emphasize what you are doing with this Grid-style miniature viewlay. Present your new products and inform your prospective clients with this classical template.

Fifteen Free Bootstrap Landing Pages Templates for Bootstrap Pages

2018: Hosting Pages are everywhere! It' s difficult to take a web leap without tripping over a flashy page that asks for our e-mail adress, a newsletter account or a personal touch. That' s the reality: The page layout works and is one of the best ways to create quality lead.

But navigating through the maze of tools that allow quick creation of target pages is not simple. Remember: A page landed is a page on your website where your users "land" and which has been specifically developed for conversion for a particular purpose: selling, providing an e-mail-address, registering, viewing a movie, etc.

In an age in which A/B testing has become indispensable and in which you have to test your idea and concept quickly and see immediately whether the reactions of the visitor are good, Landpages have become an indispensable instrument to generate turnover quickly. As we want to help you saving your precious amount of space, we have put together a collection of 15 Bootstrap template files to help you create your own quick and easy landings pages.

Oh, and as a compliment, all those boatstrap artwork is free. When you use a CMS, we have also created a number of WordPress Planting Page template files and further samples for designing your plant. The Regna is a bootstrap-based target page template that is neat and simple to use.

Ideally suited for all kinds of agency and commercial service, it is an easy-to-use one-page website. General presentations are clear and straightforward, which is great for businesses looking for an approachable website that gets right to the point to present their service, clients, teams, etc. The Sailor is a great bootstrap template for your company's website.

It is very simple to adapt the look and has many functions such as transitional animation, pre-integrated colour schemes, etc. Perfect for all platform, it's the perfect template to showcase your business, customer base, your histories, and more. The Bell is the all-in-one, all-in-one topic that lets you quickly start building your new page.

Ease of use and 100% portable, it fits almost all project models (except e-commerce) such as agency, property, industry, building, finances, consulting, domestic service, etc. Stylish, sleek and stylish, the transitions and scrolling animation are beautifully coordinated. This bootstrap template is easily customizable, 100% reactive, and includes all the features the healthcare community needs: appointment scheduling, display of patients' opinions, display of cards, opening times, etc.

The Laura is a particularly interesting template for the photographer, web designer, start-ups and business who want to create visual communication by integrating storytelling on their target page. Bootstrap template is simple to use, adaptable and portable, independent of the unit. What we particularly like is the (customizable) color selection and seamless browsing, which makes it an easily searchable Landing Page and is clear in its performance promise.

The Maundy is a page template that was developed especially for "Coming Soon". It' ideal if you are working on a prospective project (e.g. a crowdfunding campaigns ), but still want to have a target page to gather e-mail address, registration, etc. Clear, easy and stylish, the template has the flawless timed down function to announce an imminent incident or the approval of your prospective service/product to the general audience.

The Bethany is an easy-to-use, contemporary and minimalistic bootstrap template. It' s great for web design, creativity agency and jobs related to creativity, photographing or developing. It' s all-in-one, 100% reactive, and incorporates built-in template to build builds, button and user-defined navigations. The Instant is a great bootstrap WordPress topic for the freelancer.

Simply and elegantly, it contains 3 pages with which you can quickly build a homepage, a contacts page or information, and a portfolios page to present your work. It' easily customizable and allows the freelancer to have a website where they can present their work. The Stylish Folder is a state-of-the-art template and theme to present your work.

Plain and clear, this page template hosting is great for agents and contractors of all types (web, photograph, etc.) who want to have a shop window for their work. Featuring 100% responsiveness, it has a jQuery enhanced scrolling, and its bottom line contains a Google Maps engine that is perfectly suited to show your site to your clients visual.

The New Age is the ideal bootstrap template for all developers of portable applications. The template is specifically developed to present the functions of an application, is 100% portable and user-friendly and the surfing is seamless and easy. It' s slim, contemporary styling can be adapted to match the colours of your application, and you can quickly create your own logos and functions.

The Cleanlog is a template with Bootstrap 4. Ideal for launching a blogs, it has readily adaptable items and is 100% reactive. Simple to use and maintain, this template is the ideal tool for Blogger looking for a dependable and high level of editability to launch their blogs.

The Butterfly is an ultra-complete template for start-ups and businesses offering either open source applications or SaaS applications. As well as seamless and serious browsing, the template contains sub-pages of the service and a one-page representation of the service offering, teams and client feedback. It' s contemporary and stylish styling makes the display of your product range clear and accurate.

Speed is a basic but efficient target page template. Easily customizable, it contains easy-to-change colour themes and all the functionality you would expect from an actual land page to showcase your solutions, service, customers and of course potential customer contacts. Fully reactive, it fits well into desktop and portable environments and has enhanced functions like slider, etc.

is a generalistic template that is ideal for small and medium-sized companies in all sectors. Simple to use, it is 100% fast and allows you to present your service in a simple and effective way. Featuring enhanced contact capabilities, it allows you to build an internal blogs and messaging page that' great for attracting new clients or speaking about your business.

The Delicious is the impeccable template for dining, bar, dining and winemaking. Works in HTML 5, CSS 3 and BootStrap 3 and contains extended functions for creating dynamical effect. Stylish and contemporary, the stylish styling creates the ambience of your dining room and presents your menu. Did you find your best page template?

Remember that no matter which template you decide to use, it is important to test it to see if it has a positive impact on your convert.

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