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HiMl website templates only

Awesome Font is used in the Services area, where only SCC circle icons are used. State-of-the-art HTML Website templates for download Web templates are downloads of entire HTML pages that work independent from the user's harddisk. Items in standalone Web templates are not "linked" to outside ressources on third-party Web sites. This kind of presentation, in other words, can work normally even if the user's computer is not hooked up to the network.

After uploading, the "stand alone" option continues to apply. Your website is not dependant on third parties sites that are visible on your website domains url. After ordering, our standalone sites are loaded in zipped form and contain all web pages, feature and archive photographs exactly as you will see them in our online masters.

All of our standalone, detachable HTML website templates have been developed and fully approved for full mobility compatibility according to the demanding web standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and are designed not only for professionals, but also for beginners and freshmen. Offering a range of fast-response templates for portable web templates that allow the lay-out to be flexible whether displayed on the screen, notebook, tablet, smart phone, or other portable devices.

HTML templates are also available that contain a subsite for portable versions with either passively recognizing CSS overlays or automatically redirecting smartphones. Designed for simplicity, our highly reactive Web sites contain media queries to allow web pages to be displayed on a smaller display when viewing on tablets, smartphones and other portable equipment.

Each Web templating design is a downloadable, standalone tip site. The Allwebco Website Design Templates are used by both professionals and beginner and freshman website designers. We provide standalone HTML web templates that comply with World Wide WebCompliant (W3C) specification using HTML and CSS files and are available as zipped files for download to PCs and Macs.

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