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Create stunning, highly reactive Web sites with complete coding controls. Design stunning, highly reactive Web sites with complete coding controls. More than 1500+ HTML Shortcodes. Use the Layout Wizard to help you design reactive Web sites that work on desktops, tablets, and Moble devices. tag insights with SmartHistory?

Tag insights supports you in the HTML coding process. With CSS Insight with SmartHistory?CSS insight, you can develop your own custom script.

The CSS Classic Support & Auto DetectionWebsite Builder recognizes automatic recognition of class formats in your design so you can easily build your own pages. Support HTML 5/HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, CFML, CSS3/CSS, SSI, Perl colour code prefix. Choose, modify, edit, make wrap/remove, mark, insert classifications and other changes to your work.

You can display the complete hierarchy of your documentation tag in the toolbar. Display your web docs in previews in multiple web browser within the IDE. It is possible to see your work in Internet Explorer, Firefox or in both browser's side by side (horizontal/vertical window exchange). Easily manipulate and change your web page content with our Web Content Management System DaySight.

Automatic tag creation and closing to minimize repetition. WYSIWYG from Microsoft lets you quickly build, style, and manipulate your layout. Significantly enhanced, the HSHTML engines support maintenance of codes and enhanced spreadsheet functions. Process and view your codes in live mode. Suspended program editor allows you to simultaneously browse and modify more than one interface, changes to codes are immediately refreshed in both of them.

Receive immediate help every day as you edit your web docs from the Origin pane. Enables you to organize and reuse frequently used bits of codes, color, tags, pictures, page styles, and more! Web Builder contains day dialogues and full HTML, XHTML, Active Server Pages, PHP, Cold Fusion and Javascript full supported.

Leverage tens of tags to simplify your coding process. Allows you to correct, reformat, and translate your HTML content. Verify page access, translate HTML pages to HTML (or the other way around), translate HTML pages to CSS, fix frequent page bugs, fix Microsoft Word export files, translate page coding type, and complete a dozen other jobs.

Generation and issuance of web standards codes. Verify your website's hyperlinks, website access and speed of transmission. Include and use over 200 available instant scripting tools. eScripts allow you to insert Javascript and DHTML interactivity into web pages. Allows you to easily build extended pop-ups! Easily build clicking areas of images with the help of Linktips and inEvents.

Allows you to use any given object to build next-generation CSS-compatible websites with a single, easy-to-understand assistant. Allows you to sketch stunning scroll bar colours for your web document, choosing from tens of ready-made designs. Add SSI include and see how the pages it contains are displayed on the Preview page.

Leave your on-premises web servers because the Website Builder now displays internal renderings/previews of SSI include. Sitetree allows you to see the whole infrastructure/hierarchy of your website and immediately retrieve any item by simply click on it. Allows you to analyse how large and long your web pages are to upload them to other speeds.

Analyse the size of the documents, look at the stats of the different items, guess the downloading for all speed connections. Generate a report to see all items and how they impact your entire web page downloading time. Suitable for all publishers, whether you are just a friend or a pro developer/webmaster, Website Builder allows anyone to build impressive pages in the latest webmasters.

Copy, erase, display, modify, move and associate documents/objects using the Files Exporter register card. Choose more than one picture and quickly and easily insert them into your website. Practical for those who need to include many pictures in their web document at once, e.g. photo albums, picture pages, etc. Allows you to make pictures that changes when the cursor is moved over them.

Display your web document previews in Microsoft IE within the IDE. Firefox web document previews within the IDE. Enables you to file and retrieve web pages and whole web directory. SMOD is supported by the Firefox Web browser, the possibility to display privileges, manage and download several elements/folders, manage different web pages, manage pages from distant web pages and much more.

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