Html5 Builder free

HiMl5 Builder for free

HTML5 Builder This breakthrough development approach now enables you to create web and portable applications with a unified code base using web default-and share your applications with your customers via desktops and portable web browser or "on the device" via Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone portable application stores. What's more, you can create applications with a simple code base using web default-and make them available to your customers via Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone portable application stores. How do you do it? It'?s not practical to create your application for any portable platforms, forms, desktop browser or portable web browser.

HTML5 Builder allows you to build your application once with a unique HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP source code base and access more than one portable OS, device and web browser with a click. HTML5 Builder does not require you to be concerned about studying a new development idiom or coding. There is no need to know how to communicate with jQuery or portable JavaScript scripts.

The HTML5 Builder includes literally thousands of re-usable drag-and-drop elements that you can use or modify as you like, so you can create your own apps more quickly. Advanced and vibrant UI experiences make your app popular with built-in CSS3 style and motion, jQuery mobiles themes, and customized UI style. CSS3 CSS 3 optical motion graphics and useful draft and dropping features such as HTML5 canvas, geolocation, audio/video, and more help you simply extend the features your customers want from today's equipment.

No matter if you are a company or an ISV, with HTML5 Builder you can build sophisticated and easy web and portable application. You can either run your application as a fully self-contained application, or you can run your application with dynamically server-based contents and multi-user capabilities and then deliver the application's serving components to any PHP supporting servers in your organization, on the web, or in the Cloud.

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to easily develop a portable app with HTML5 Builder and use it on Apple iPad and Google Nexus 7Tables. Learn how to use the geolocalization component of HTML5 Builder to develop location-based browsers and portable apps.

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