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Christmas color

We've created three new scenes for Christmas: Christmas classic, sugar cane and open your gift! The Hue Christmas is the perfect way to get into the holiday mood with your Philips Hue lights. Anything I want for Christmas is HUE. The Hue Christmas is the perfect way to get into the holiday mood with your Philips Hue lights.

Phillips Hue Labs - Christmas life scenarios

Exceptional shots merit exceptional moment! We' ve added three new Christmas scenes: Classical Christmas, sugarcase and Open your Gift! You will see your highlights moving slow through the colours of the pre-defined scenery you have selected. Have a colourful Christmas in 2017! The formula can be activated with a Tap or Hue Labs key.

Hue Labs is located on the Hue Labs home page once it is properly set up. After activation, the formula will continue to run until you stop it or turn off the light. If you stop the formula, the light turns off.

Astounding 6 Christmas lights with Philips hue

Christmases are the ideal season to do everything when you use Philips Hue to create stunning illuminated display screens that sparkle not only on the trees but throughout the cottage. Funny Christmas illumination that illuminates to the sounds of the songs. The Hue incandescent lamps on Christmas colours such as greens and reds, a funny arrangement that makes you stop to look.

With the help of Hue pears and the Ambify application, a funny Christmas setup is produced in which the highlights switch to background sound and a lovely Christmas blossom draws attention to itself. The sparkling Christmas trees light the colored light to the melody of the celebratory sound, a funny and celebratory movie and a great way to generate a fire effect.

Christmas melody with fast bassline, where the outside highlights switch and fade to the rhythm of the Ambify album. An amusing footage of a Hue Christmas where your home is equipped with Hue incandescent lamps and batten luminaires that create a funny celebratory feel. This is a basic exterior effect with Hue incandescent lamps that vary colour.

It' s a great Christmas mood as the Christmas light on the Christmas-tree and on the TV changes to match the soundtrack. Although there is no special Christmas light available from Philips, some folks have made their own Hue light with Lightstrips and Hue Bloom, see below. With Philips Hue you can make your Christmas light shine and turn into vibrant Christmas colours, switch it to your favourite musical style, and make it a cosy, welcoming and celebratory home that can look classy and contemporary, but with this Christmas spirit.

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