I am a Creator

I' m a creator

That power is greater than your limiting beliefs. I' m a creator: Collective Cre-a-tor/ - One who overcomes tradition, rule and norm in order to make sense through new interpretation and idea. An innovator. and divide our creativeness. Offering programmes and value-added support directly to our members and the wider fellowship to help us accomplish our mission of helping Peoples of Color reach their full imaginative fullness.

The IAAC as a collective is interested in emphasizing creativeness in daily living, which includes the following areas: Accompany us on Friday 21 September for free networking, free refreshments and a free after-party while we party that we are our totally genuine, free and imaginative self. There will also be a large selection of creatives who will share their product and service.

The I Am A Creator is a multi-cultural networking platform for innovators, policy makers, artists, idealists, activists, entrepreneurs and flu activists in all fields. Our belief is that we can transform the face of our community by changing the way we think through our innovations and our work. Empowering the individual to regain this way of thinking and connect it with more self-confidence.

By creating a space in which Peoples of Color can experience information, affirmation and encouragement, and follow their own imaginative initiative in a way that will benefit their own well-being and enhance the life of others. This is a fellowship that is celebrating creativeness born of Peoples of Color. Connecting the Creator with the Like-minded to help them achieve their own unique artistic objectives with the help they need to achieve success.

It is a place for those who are willing to use their creativity and develop their own appreciation for purpose, skill and liberty. Once the Makers are free to make, we will all become much freer. Unterst├╝tze I Am A Creator: Do not hesitate to post a comment or post your own unique piece on our site with #IAmACreator.

Thank you for your satisfied clients and call us co-creators! I' M A CREATOR.

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