I have Downloaded a Wordpress Theme now what

I' ve downloaded a Wordpress theme, now what

You have now installed your design and plugins. Meanwhile, I assume you downloaded the WordPress theme from the official repo. Your WordPress installation will now include this new topic.

WordPress is already on my computer. What do we do now? Instructions for setting up WordPress

So you are the proud possessor of a brilliant new WordPress install! What now? I' ve missed the number of WordPress installs, but it's enough to say I' ve done enough to create a habit. Can' t say that these are best practice (what does that even mean?), but that's how I created WordPress and want to use it.

As of now, I expect that you are signed in to your WordPress administration dashboard. On the Settings > General page, specify the title and describe of the website. For Pete's sake, please modify the standard Just Another WordPress Site descriptor. I' m going to go to the Settings > Write section for now.

There is a very important setting (VIP) in the Settings > Read area! There is no guaranty that the robot will not crawl, but it certainly reduces the chances (I will tell you how you can keep your site 100% privat later in this post). Keep this checkbox selected until you are willing to show your website to the outside worlds!

I' ll also bypass the Preferences > Discussion and Preferences > Media section at this time. Well, I like the standard choices. Preferences > Permalinks. If we are really willing for thesebots to crawl, the permission link setting for your website will start playing a VIP (this is a very important role). I personally prefer to work with a user-defined tree that contains only the postal name and the postal ID.

I would like to add a user-defined categorybase for the optional settings, which is also a good catchword. Ever been to the shop looking for bathroom tissue just to be faced with a TOTAL COURSE devoted to the drought of your back? This is also the case with the choice of a WordPress theme.

It' a small initial outlay that comes with a great level of client service and some of the best coding in the WordPress environment, with no problems (not to speak of reusing it on several websites at no additional cost). According to the projects, I either create my own design based on the Genesis framework or choose one of the prefab kid topics from the StudioPress market place.

Don't look any further than WordPress from Yoast SOE. WordPress is used to install it and it contains a Contacts page (along with a Java based Java based Java based Java based virtual lottery with other features such as online share and e-mail subscriptions). When you have activated commenting on your website, spamming is unavoidable. It' part of a WordPress default install.

Simply give it a song and store it - don't bother about other page choices. When you *only* need* to view some contents, go to the Lorem Ipsum Engine (or the Samuel L Ipsum Engine if you feel hard). WorldPress comes standard with a Hello Word! contribution.

I' ll usually just be adding another mail of dummies to the mixture. As with page set-up, I don't care about other choices when writing the article than giving it a headline, a small blank text, and an illustration. Some pages are set up with the primary aim that I can make a meal.

Go to Appearance > Menus, type a name for the menus and select AREATE! Out of the sidebar on the leftside I pull my handfull of pages together with the beautiful startpage, which WordPress kindly inserts automatic. Dependent on the WordPress theme selected, different theme positions are available for my menus.

Choosing a place to view the menus and store everything. Menus are only displayed when you choose a place to show your menus! The next thing that happens is a detailed completion and adjustment procedure and good practice in good practice in terms of managing and managing your business.

Some great WordPress community are available on Twitter, Google+ and really anywhere on the web. Join in and get to know other WordPress users - you will be challenging, you will be growing and you will get to know some amazing users.

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