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Similar to iOS, all app icons are distributed across the home screen for a precise experience. Symbols are strikingly similar to iPhones, and their size, layout and text are customizable. Cause of today in this post. iLaunch Rocket Launcher is controlled from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The link to the Microsoft Launcher App on an Android phone will guide you to the application.

iPhone iLaunch Rocket Launcher

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Employees. Our aim is to encourage a more fun and legitimate way to take vengeance on your employees: stationery. Rocket Launcher is a rocket launcher that can be operated from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Apple licenced, this beautiful product works with any iOS 5.0.1 or higher or later.

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Learn how to use the Nova Launcher to become an Android star.

Are you sick of looking at the same old home monitor? With Android, you can use third-party launcher, user-defined applications that enhance your home page with new functions, topics, and enhancements. There' a fairly large selection of launcher choices, but few come anywhere near the levels of finish and customization of Nova Launcher, a free (and optional paid) Android launcher for all Android 4. 0 and newer machines.

The Nova Launcher will replace your home page and your application tray, the scrollable lists of application symbols that you can normally access by dragging them up on your phone's home page. However, in the defaults, you won't see much of the way it's changed - that's because the Nova Launcher keeps a pretty vanilla-like setting on the Android home page.

However, there is a great deal Nova Launcher can do that is not immediately apparent. Boredom because of the transitional motion between home displays and applications? The most important thing is that you need to have Nova Launcher downloaded in order to use it. No matter if you choose the free Nova Launcher release or the pay for Nova Launcher Prime ($5).

What is the discrepancy between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime? With Nova Launcher Prime you can add actions (e.g. pink, pad, double tape ) to your initial launcher and add small pre-read counters - small overlays that indicate pre-read news - to the entire launcher. You' ll also get user-defined tray groups that allow you to add new tab pages or directories to the application tray; an ability to fade out applications in front of the application tray; user-defined gesture per directory and per gesture deletion symbol; and an extended scrolling effect listing.

Except if there is a Nova Launcher Prime features that you don't think you can do without, try the free one first. As an alternative you can consider purchasing Nova Launcher Prime and try it out for a whole days. After Nova Launcher is up and running, you need to make it the standard launch program.

When your phone is using Android 7. 0 or later, find the Apps submenu (it depends on your phone) and touch the gear symbol Settings in the top right area. Scour down from there until you see the Home application, touch it and select Nova Launcher from the dropdown box.

When your phone is switched to any 4. As soon as you are in the Settings submenu, you will find the Home submenu, touch Extended and choose Nova Launcher from the available options. There is no Home Panel Dial in the Settings Setup menus on mobile telephones with Pre-Android 4. 4 KitKat. You' ll need to go to the Preferences settings submenu, tapping Apps, scrolling to the All tabs, and scrolling down until you find your latest launcher.

Touch it and then click the Clear default buttons at the bottom of the Choice Screens. Push your home switch and choose Nova Launcher from the available choices. A few Android vendors make it a little more challenging to modify your standard launcher than others. Try going to Settings on most Samsung machines and touch the Applications tab.

Search for standard applications and browse to the Home Page from the dropdown box. A Huawei phone with Emotion UI (EMUI) hides the preference in a submenu. Go to the Preferences pull-down box, touch Apps, down arrow to go to the Enhanced tab, and touch Default Application Preferences. From the next display, the Launcher tab will appear and the Nova Launcher will be selected from the drop-down box.

Oppo telephones with ColourOS have the Launcher selecter in the Advanced Settings group. Touch Default Usage, and then touch Home. The LG mobile phone starter option refers to a specific start screen menus. Go to Settings, touch Show, touch and drag down to the Home screen, and choose Nova Launcher from the drop-down box.

As soon as you have converted your standard launcher to Nova Launcher, you will receive a welcome notice that will guide you through the essential design. And if you've never used Nova Launcher before, you may be amazed at how similar it looks to Android's Stick Home Screens. Tap and hold on the home page to open a three-button menus that allows you to modify your background image, add a widget, or open the setup menus.

A practical distinction is a start splash panel at the top of the display that assigns the standard start splash panel to the one currently being displayed. When you tap the Widget buttons, a listing of Widget's from the applications you install appears, and when you tap and hold one of them, you can place it on the home page.

When you move your fingers, you get an accordion meal with four different meal options: Removing, resizing, application information and settings. On the Android settings dialog box, click Add to open the corresponding menu of the App Infos widget. Allows you to use these settings to modify your Widget to match any design for your home page.

In the Desktop menus, you can adjust the look, feel, scrolling, page display, and more. You can resize your home page from the Layouts drop-down list. The Nova Launcher icons drop down menus into the look of your favorite icons. As soon as you have customized the desktop and symbol layouts, you can switch to the next two.

Wide cushioning and height cushioning optimize the spacing of the edge of the home page from the edge of the display - the bigger the cushioning, the further away your keyboard and widget are from the display. Using the persistent seekbar and searchbar styling, you can manipulate the Google searchbar, which is standard on some Android phone barring monitors.

Of course you can turn it off or go to the Search Bar Stil option and select between four different Google Web site and six different Google Web site logos. When you' re tired of the transitional animations you see between the start monitors, try one such as a dice that re-displays your start monitors as faces on a 3-D D dice, or a deck of cards that gradually displays the next start monitor from the backdrop while the last one glides either of them.

You can also choose desktop scanning, which uses a parallel effect on the home page of your phone. Or, there is an endless scrolling bar that will teleport you back to the start video on the right when you pass the start video on the right (and back again). Try also to get to grips with the page display and new application options.

It allows you to modify the look and colour of the points at the bottom of the display that indicate which home page is displayed. This latter allows you to deactivate the (sometimes annoying) custom of the playlist by automaticly attaching links to apps on your home page, even partially - you must deactivate the appropriate playlist settings to prevent errors.

As you dive into the expanded desktop menus preferences, more choices are displayed. Now you can disable the startup video to avoid changes (convenient once you have it the way you like it), and switch a shade at the top and bottom of the video.

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