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smileys. 3F">What are smileys? Smilies? What are smilies? Smilies, also known as "emoticons", are myths that are used to communicate emotion in your write.

A text skeleton is generated by entering two or more characters. Even though smiles and e-moji can represent both smilie faces and such, e-moji is a newer evolution and has a much larger selection of pictures that can be view.

For more information about and how to use e-moji, see the e-moji page. If you ; -) in your contribution, you see when you see your contribution in the pre-view or publication. 3, the ability to deactivate graphical templates from new installations has been disabled. Which text do I write to create smilies?

and the text used to make them*: In some cases, several text boxes are available to show the same name. A further option is to delete the skeley picture file from /wp-includes/images/smilies. lf smiles work for others on your site, but not for you: Enter a blank before and after your smilie text.

This will prevent the smilie from being inserted into the text around it by mistake. Be careful not to use quotation or other punctuation before and after the text of the smilie. What are my storage locations for my pictures of him? You can find the symiley or esmoticon picture graphic in the folder /wp-includes/images/smilies. Notice that in this document the name of smileyys is written with'eys' and the name of the folder for the pictures is 'smilies' written with'ies'.

What can I do to display different smiley-pictures? Load the desired pictures with the same name onto your servers (e.g. in wp-content/images/smilies) and insert them into the functions of your topic. php: add_filter( 'smilies_src', 'my_custom_smilies_src', 10, 3 );

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