Illusion Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Illusion Theme

Unless you have a working version of WordPress, you must first install it to install the Illusion Theme. illustration - Premium Multipurpose HTML Template from Monkeysan Get to know our new illusion-friendly, fast-reacting, retina-capable, multifunctional HTML templating. Have a look at the topic functions described below. Multi-purpose redesign; Reactive and retinal capable layouts;

preloaders and eye-catching stylesheet animations; cross-browser compatible (IE9+); HTML5 validation check; Built on Bootstrap 3; 86 HTML content; NEW! Texts and shapes, countdown of events, video background, video in pop-up windows, statical picture, single video; 2 kinds of menus: gooey and side modes; super and 4-step drop-down modes; 6 different header lines; 4 different sliders:

Revolutions inclusive, iosSlider inclusive, layers inclusive and Flex sliders; 6 different footer lines; 4 different portfolios type (28 pages total); 3 different blogs type (19 pages total); store pages (10 pages total); 2 different products categories pages: Schedule and raster view; 2 different layout of products pages; shortcuts (banners, roundabouts, tab, toggle, encoding, route section, button, offers, table, warning box, spreadsheet, lists, form, symbols, glyphs, progression bars, price charts, drop caps, team members, call cartons, column, etc.)

Type pages; Wish list page; Peer review page; Turn Flowing Headers on and off; Touch activated options for merchants and slide bars; Dropdown basket; Parallax effect; Movie wallpaper; Extra pages:

Dropdown menus in Firefox and Edge. Dropdown in Firefox. RESOLVED: Language and language selection box in the headline for portable terminals. RESOLVED: Glutinous meal. RESOLVED: Reactive layouts for your iPhone (drop-down menus, gooey menus, merry-go-rounds, searching, preloaders). resolved: ie11 problem in portfolios, Safari problem in menus.

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