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Similar items Aside from the ability to add a tumbler blog to your IM site, you can create your website as a blog. Blog sites should have 2 important functions - a home page with your latest postings and comments, an archives page with older postings, or a link to pages with older postings.

In order to build the blog site, select a style sheet or select whether you want to begin with a space. Initially, work on the item and name the pages: If you want to post new articles to the home page, just click Item > Post Text on the home page (you can browse pages by going to Pages > Manage Pages and click the whitepaper button next to any page):

In order to include hyperlinks to your archives page, first make a new page for each article (or more) and clear the checkbox under Pages>Manage Pages so that it does not appear in the menu item: In order to make a hyperlink on the archives page, go to the archives page and insert a textitem.

When you click on the button with the left mouse button to open the button with the left mouse button, you will be prompted to select the target of the link: A further archiving feature would be to set up a drop-down list so that older articles can be linked on the Archives page. In order to insert a drop-down list, you must substitute the Main Screen item with the Submenu item:

Select Pages > Organize Pages, and clear all the checks next to the page names: Select Add Item > Submenu. If you click the Menu>Manage Menus button, you can select what is put on each tabs and where it goes, and if you tick the checkbox next to a page, it becomes part of the drop-down effect on the tabs above it:

Similar items

There are several ways to create your blog: 2. linking to your blog - just create a blog with an item (image/text etc.) by selecting Set Info of the item and selecting a linking to an outside website. It is a easy, step-by-step integratable RSS scanner creator.

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