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Whilst IM Creator is fast and offers excellent templates, we have made some mistakes. The way to buy a product on your website - XPRS supports center The sale of XPRS based items is extremely simple and can be done with just a few mouse clicks. With XPRS, you can easily create your own sales list. 1 ) You can either create a new shop strip or click on items on your website that you want to resell and then select 'Sell this product'. 2 ) In both cases you will see the possibility to open your shop's Dashboard.

It is also possible to open the shop's own dashboard from the strip settings screen (to see the settings screen, click on the gears on the right side of the strip and on 'Dashboard'). 3 ) The shop's dashboard has several tabs: On the Summary page, you can view the number of segments, product, completed orders, and the overall result of the branch.

Every section is a strip containing articles for sale. To view the section lists, choose the Section tabs. They can click on the individual paragraphs and work on their own articles. The complete listing of your current range can be viewed on the All of our current range page. Every item has several settings: Once the upgrade is complete, your shop's revenue will be credited directly to your bank balance without any additional charges from our side.

5 ) You can modify individual element properties from outside the keyboard. Select the element and select the "... " button in the "Test Buy" line. Then you will see the preferences window of the element. You can use it to process the article prices, the name and the currencies. It is also possible to set up a separate page for each of your products.

Allows you to offer different colours and different dimensions for a particular article. You must enter multiple articles for sales on the article page, each article representing a different colour or a different sized of the same one.

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Check out free e-commerce today and update it anytime to get more functionality. E-commerce plug-in is just one example. E-commerce works just fine on any machine of any magnitude. We are a one-stop-shop for great plugins for any IM Creator website. Integrate e-commerce into any page, posting, sidebar space or area. E-commerce is free and simple to use in no short amount of space of time.

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