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Free, only high quality, resources for building websites & other design projects. Complimentary images, free icons, free templates. Test IM Creator for free.

Functions and prices

Get your own website builders by removing your own brands from your website with your own brands. Building your website with our patented one-of-a-kind Policedoms smartcontent pads that can be endlessly constructed and created. PC's, tables, cell phones - your website will always look crisp. Even though we use state-of-the-art design, the user experience is easy and uncomplicated.

Grab unrestricted web space, unrestricted bandwith and get connected to a single web site, all for free. Every website created with IMXPRS is Web standard conform and will look and look good on PC's, Mac's, Tables, cell phone's and even older browser's. Receive free unrestricted webhosting and connect your domains - all in one easy and smooth operation.

Every website created with IMXPRESS is hosted on the secure Google and Amazon servers: It' quick, secure and also offers limitless bandwith and space.

Fresh! Free IM - the Anti-Stock Photo

We' re sick and tired of boring stick photography: clich├ęd images that are too expensive. Our aim is to make it realistic and original - by true photographers, with true humans. For free for business use. That' s why we have developed IM Free, a new feature that lets you rummage through 1000 high-quality free images from Adobe Photoshop and find an imagery that's exactly what you're looking for.

Anyone who has ever browsed the favorite stick photo sites knows that finding the right picture is an almost impossibility. On the other side, the high-quality photographs are too much loved so that the same picture appears on many web sites. Faces of stick photo model can be found on many web sites, and even if you've never seen a picture before, you'll probably recognise some of those faces:

IM Free lets you find a truly stunning photograph of true humans taken by stunning photographs published on Flickr. Those photographs are under the terms of the Attributions Licence of Adobe created by Adobe which means that you can use all the photographs for free (!) as long as you give the credits to the artist (we recommend that you do so as it is the only way this will remain strong).

IM Free has been curating and categorizing photographs of many gifted and talented photo professionals to help you find the right one. Our gallery is constantly updating with new pictures and category. Ambience - includes many nice pictures that can be used as wallpaper for your website.

There is also a keyword filter at the top of each page to help you find an item quickly and easily. Later, we are planning to incorporate IM Free into our IM Web site and make it simpler for IM site users to easily include nice pictures on their site.

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